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ICYMI: Chaos ensued in week 5

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Nine ranked teams and four top 10 teams lost in a wild weekend of college football.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Stanford Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Chaos ensued in week 5 of college football as nine top 25 teams lost including four top 10 programs.

There really isn’t anything to say about the TCU and UT game that hasn’t been said already, we’re all sad, let’s not dwell on it. Instead, let’s roll through some of the highlights, big wins, and meme-worthy events you might have missed from last weekend in college football.

Without further adieu:

Stanford is a good kind of petty

After pulling off a huge upset over then No. 3 Oregon, the Stanford Cardinal social media team wasted no time in taking some jabs at the Ducks.

Moments after the final whistle, the team’s twitter account posted a meme mocking the Ducks and their relationship with Nike as well:

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Got ‘Em” reference, this is the screen that pops up on the Nike SNKRS app whenever you successfully purchase a pair of shoes. Nike’s founder Phil Knight famously donates to Oregon and has put an absurd amount of effort into the Duck’s endless uniform combinations, hence the correlation.

Forget planting the flag on your rivals home field, just embarrass them with memes on social media. The Cardinal didn’t stop there though, they were trolling before the game even kicked off.

During the pregame national anthem performance, the Stanford band unveiled a bass drum at midfield that read “GO BEAVS” in reference to the Duck’s in-state rival Oregon State.

Kentucky return blocked FG for TD in upset against Florida

Who would have thought, of all SEC programs, the Kentucky Wildcats would be one of the few 5-0 teams in the country? After Florida put on a show in the second half against ‘Bama, a lot of people were considering them as serious threats to shake things up out of the SEC East.

Enter Kentucky.

The Wildcats put the Gators’ hype train to rest with one of the biggest wins in recent program history, highlighted by a sensational special teams play that changed the course of the game.

Big Blue Nation had the house rockin’ for this one. Who knows, without this crazy play the Wildcats may not have been able to pull off the upset.

Now with a perfect 5-0 record and No. 16 position in the AP Top 25, the Wildcats might be a darkhorse to play spoiler for a few teams this year.

Lane Kiffin loves his popcorn

I love everything about this. The classic Lane smirk, the completely unnecessary mic drop, the absurd amount of confidence heading into a blowout: it’s the recipe for a perfect meme.

If I’m a player, this is exactly the type of energy I want to see from my head coach as he clearly believes in his guys. The fact that they went on to get blown out by 20+ is irrelevant, ‘Bama is ‘Bama and it was inevitable.

Michigan takes over Camp Randall

Despite being +2.5 point underdogs, the Wolverines traveled to Madison and took care of business in emphatic fashion. During the iconic 3rd quarter “jump around” tradition at Camp Randall stadium, rather than all eyes being on an ecstatic, energy-filled student section, the focus was on the Michigan players having the time of their lives.

This is mental warfare. The second Wisconsin players looked across the field and saw 50+ white jerseys gallivanting around as if they were in the elementary playground days was the second that game was over. The Wolverines went on to win this one comfortably, 38-17.

There is nothing on this planet more aggravating than losing on your home field and having it rubbed in right in front of your very eyes. Frog fans know the feeling all too well now after having both SMU and UT attempt a midfield flag planting after the final whistle.

That being said, there is also no better feeling than taking over your opponent’s stadium, especially a rivalry game or in an upset. I feel for the Badger fans, but good for the Wolverines; after years of high expectations and low production, this might actually be their year.