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MMQB: Well That Happened

TCU Takes One Step Closer To Bowl Eligibility

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Christian Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, only one more week to go.

Only one more week until we are free from this hell of a season! I’m not mad about beating Kansas by only a field goal in a back and forth game - especially since we are so beat up, in coach purgatory, injured to the highest hell, and as a matter of fact Kansas is actually taking a step forward as a program this season. Given the state of TCU football, I have no problem with taking a win and being one step closer to bowl eligibility.

Will this corpse of a team actually make it to bowl eligibility? We’ll just have to wait and see! Iowa State is a team that could lose to any team in the conference, but could also beat any team in the conference as like I said...just have to wait and see.

The Good:

-Max Duggan Still a Certified Tough Guy: I swear to God this young man is a psychopath. He has played behind an offensive line that gets up for one game a season, but for the rest of the year is pretty meh (being nice), yet time and time again he gets up and toughs it out for this team. This week he once again played through a broken bone in his foot because TCU didn’t have another available scholarship QB on the roster? Yeesh.

I don’t care if his deep ball is inconsistent at this point in the year, Max clearly loves this team and is an all time teammate. Whoever is coaching him next year needs to get 15 some help!

-Kendre Miller, Coming off The Bench: If Kendre doesn’t come into this game and have 112 yards on 12 carries I’m not sure TCU pulls this one out. Kendre tied up the game with a 56 yard TD run to open the second half. Without that big play I’m not sure if TCU has the energy (or competence) to put together a long drive to even up the game.

Regardless of what happens with Evans next year - it’ll be good to know that we have Kendre Miller as a backup...and that backup is an absolute STUD.

-Derius Davis Redeeming Himself: DD opened up the game with a muffed punt, but then after that he more than made up for it with his performance. 6 receptions for 103 yards, and a 43 yard touchdown run. More than happy to have Davis coming back for another year next season.

-The Seniors: As always, a big THANK YOU to all of the seniors that spent the last handful of years at TCU. It may have not been the highest winning 4 years in program history, but we will always be thankful for the players that have come through Fort Worth. No matter what their next stop is.

The Bad:

-Offensive line again: Only one more game with Jarrett Anderson as the offensive line coach :)

-Doug Meacham Double Reverse Lover: I mean be true to you Doug. At one point they have to work right?

-This Season as a Whole: I mean not to state the obvious, but this season is wayyyyy down bad. The Frogs just needed to have a competent defense like they had in years past and we would probably be sitting at 9-3. I’m not even kidding. The offense has been explosive and above average for the most part.

Not to step on any future articles, but the way that this roster has been pretty much malnourished (not literally), the necessary changes that needed to be made seasons ago still were never made, aaaaand pretty much the team being stuck in the same position as it was 3 seasons ago has been beyond frustrating.

It hit me in the first half when we were losing to Kansas...and I just didn’t care. I obviously cared that we were losing to Kansas but I just had a ton of apathy watching this entire game. The 4 down years have gotten to me. Hopefully this isn’t what TCU is supposed to be as a program going forward. However, this coaching staff for the past 4 seasons is trying its best to fully turn me into the Joker. If TCU goes 4-8 next year and you see a guy in clown make up at Amon G’ll probably be me.

ANYYYWAYYYYS not to be a Debbie Downer after a win, I’m sure everyone else is as drained as I am. But like I said, only one more week of the regular season.

Play of the Game:

Kendre, house call. (1:07).

Next Week: Finale In Ames

This season doesn’t have to end next week. If the Frogs can pull off an upset against Iowa State on the road then this team will get to play one more game, which would be a nice send off for this senior class that has had to go through these tough times.

Cmon boys, make it happen!