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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Interviews with Joel Anderson and Jeff Olson

Jamie and Melissa chat with Joel Anderson and Jeff Olson about Gary Patterson, the TCU football program, and what’s next.

New Podcast Logo

This week’s Frogs O’ War podcast looks a little different than the normal format.

Jamie and Melissa sit down to talk with two guests on this week’s episode. First up, Joel D. Anderson, former TCU running back and alum, current writer for Slate and lead podcaster for Slow Burn Season 6: 1992 L.A. Riots. Jamie, Melissa, and Joel talk about Gary Patterson’s legacy at TCU, what’s next for the Frogs, and Joel makes his best pitch for Deion Sanders to be the next TCU head coach.

Jeff Olson is up next, talking about his experience playing for Patterson, some of Patterson’s favorite euphemisms, and what TCU should be looking for in their next head football coach.

Give it a listen right here, or wherever you get your podcasts, and thanks for listening!