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MMQB: Immaculate Vibes

No starting QB, no starting RB, no head coach, no problem.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


Is this not the team we thought we were going to have all year???

I don’t know even where to really begin, but hey winning is fun and beating Baylor is really fun.

I will say, it’s about time that this TCU team gave me something fun to write about. Alright let’s just get into it ya’ll!

The Good:

- Chandler Morris AKA Bram Kohlhausen 2.0: If we have to start anywhere it is with QB2 who was asked to be QB1 and he absolutely balled out. Honestly not a ton of constructive criticism to give on this one. Chandler Morris played like his hair was on fire while doing a Johnny Manziel impersonation. 461 yards passing and 2 touchdowns to go with 70 yards rushing and another touchdown. The kid played with moxie and made a handful of plays that made my jaw drop.

-Quentin Johnston certified freak of nature: After a tough couple of weeks, QJ absolutely erupted in this one for 142 yards and a touchdown. Big time players make big time plays in big time games. Also special shout out to Taye Barber and Derius Davis who each had 75 yards and and 81 yards receiving respectively.

-Offensive AND defensive line: The Frogs had a great day in the trenches on both sides. The offensive line stood strong and did not look like it was going to get bullied around like it did in previous games this season. Same goes for the defensive line that looked to consistently get pressure on the Baylor QB despite going up against a very good Baylor offensive line. Not sure if the energy and strong performance was caused by the fact that it was a rivalry game, playing hard for Gary, coach Glasgow coaching the kids up on defense or some combination of the three...but it was a dang fine change of pace to see these units play very well.

-Doug Meacham unlocked(?): All it took for us to run the WR route trees that he’s been wanting to run all year was for us to lose 3 of our 4 starting running backs. Huh who would’ve thought! Anyways, it really was great to see us spread the field like we did back in 2014/15.

The Bad

Nothing: Literally nothing. This is not the most constructive breakdown. We upset Baylor, we beat them at home and likely ending their chances to go to the Big 12 Championship game. The only bad thing I have to say is that there were almost more flags in this game than points scored by TCU. Did it take the fun out of the game a little bit? Yes. Was it comical near the end? 100%.

Play of the Game:

There were like 18 of these today, but I mean c’mon it’s got to be the Flea Flicker to Quentin Johnston where he snagged that absolutel dime with one hand, right?


I could not find the video of that play this week so we are going with the Chandler Morris third down scamper for 22 yards where I thought his head was going to come off:

Next Week: On the Road to Stillwater was fun while it lasted. TCU has to go on the road to play another top 15 opponent at Oklahoma State at night. TCU’s got a good track record of winning in Stillwater right? Oh what’s that? We don’t? Ah well, nothing can stop me from having a good time at the moment!

Other Things:

Look I cannot believe I am saying this, but we really should take a note from Oklahoma fans and refer to our in state rival as “little brother” especially since joining the Big 12. Is it obnoxious? Oh absolutely, however this was recently brought to my attention:

Makes ya think!

Last but not least for once in the MMQB I had to give a very special shoutout to everyone that kept me accountable to shotgunning those 4 beers since TCU won on Saturday. I might be writing this after a couple of celebratory Joe T. Garcia Margaritas, but...if it meant TCU won out and went to a bowl game, I’d be more than happy to shotgun 4 beers all over again.

Sure enough, TCU won and I did in-fact slurp those 4 beers down as if Gary Patterson himself asked me to do it. The Frogs were able to beat their most hated rival without their starting QB, their starting RB, and without Gary Patterson for the first time since the year 2000.

Sometimes you just gotta sacrifice your body for the win. Go Frogs, and thank you Gary Patterson!