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NCAA BASKETBALL: JAN 18 Virginia at Boston College

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Transfer, Fire, Fire

With the offseason, comes program changes.

Photo by Michael Tureski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

JJ Watts Next Destination

Last week JJ Watt asked to be released from the Texans, and his wish was granted. It’s no secret that JJ Watt will have a surplus of teams lined up to sign the powerhouse defensive end. Last season Watt produced 52 tackles with 36 of those being solo, 1 interception, and 5 sacks. He’s a game changing defensive end who is looking to make a difference in a new environment

There has been speculation that Watt’s goal is to stay in Texas. By process of elimination, there’s only one other Texas team he hasn’t played on. So how bout dem boys? Well, unfortunately sources close to the Cowboys think this would be highly unlikely, despite current players being all on board. Since the Cowboys chose to delay the paying of Dak Prescott last season, the cap space for this year will be significantly reduced and would most likely not allow Dallas to sign a Veteran defensive end, and the franchise quarterback.

But like I said, if the Cowboys aren’t interested there are 30 other teams who are. Blazers star, CJ McCollum has voiced his opinion of Watt to the Browns on Twitter.

This move could potentially be very beneficial. Cleveland made it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs this year, and had their season ended by none other than offensive powerhouse, the Kansas City Chiefs. I could see Watt making an immediate impact on Cleveland.

Gus Malzahn at UCF?

Gus Malzahn was fired from Auburn after coaching the team to a 6-4 regular season record in 2020. He coached 8 seasons producing a 68-35 overall record and the SEC title in 2013. Auburn was in need of a coach who could “consistently compete at the highest level”. This resulted in the firing before his contract expired, forcing Auburn to pay him the remaining $21.45 million.

UCF now brings on the coach to a 5-year, $11.5 million contract hoping he can produce big numbers within their program. Malzahn is known to be an offensively dominant coach, which fits right in with the Knights tempo. Last year, UCF had a 6-4 overall record finishing 4th in the AAC. Fun fact, UCF actually finished higher than SMU and gave them a 48-20 beat down in the regular season.

Boston College, Unsatisfied

Former TCU basketball coach, Jim Christian, has been fired from his head coaching position at Boston College. The move comes in the middle of Christian’s 7th season, with a team record of 3-13. Christian had led the team to the NIT tournament in 2018, but since then the team quality has been on the decline. In his time at Boston College, he coached the team to an overall 78-132 record.

This move isn’t unexpected, the team had debated the firing last year, but chose to keep him on for another season. Boston College hired Pat Kraft as the new athletic director, and he felt the program was moving in the wrong direction. Assistant coach, Scott Spinelli, will now serve as the head coach for the rest of the season as Boston College has 4 games remaining on their regular season schedule.

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