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BarstoolTCU hosts snowball fight in the commons

TCU students made the best of the recent snowfall.

Ryan Bunnell

Editor’s Note: As folks in Texas continue to deal with power and water issues, we don’t want it to seem like we are making light of what is a terrible situation for millions of people. We hope that this little bit of levity will be taken as a break from the bad news. Additionally, if you are looking for ways to help, a list of resources can be found HERE)

Fort Worth, TX — The TCU Barstool Sports affiliate (@BarstoolTCU) and TCU Frog Army (@TCUFrogArmy) partnered together to put on a snowball fight for the students in the campus commons on Wednesday evening.

Students were bundled in maybe five or six layers each, snow was flying everywhere, and TCU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jamie Dixon even made an appearance handing out pizza to the students. Having the opportunity to make snowballs in the commons, or anywhere for that matter, isn’t an everyday thing in the state of Texas, and students took full advantage of the cold weather.

This snowball fight is a perfect example of how special the TCU community really is, especially in these tough times. A decent portion of students are still without power in their homes, and this event served as somewhat of a break from the stress as well as a place to get warm food.

The majority of TCU students, like myself, are from Texas, so this truly may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a snow day in college. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sight of a bunch of 18-22 year old college students frolicking and giggling in the snow with their friends as if they were kids again.

BarstoolTCU posted this recap with some of the best videos from the massive snowball fight:

Coach Dixon shared his thoughts on the event while interacting with students: “This school is so unique, it’s all about community and meeting one another. We wanted to get out, meet and connect with new people; this is a great way to do it with the times we are in,” said Dixon.

The snowball fight was one thing, but students have been finding creative ways to get out in the snow and make the best of the situation all week. Here are some of my favorite snow shenanigans I’ve seen this week:

From all of us at Frogs O’ War, we hope you are staying safe, warm, and happy during the harsh winter conditions we’ve experienced the last few days.