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Ranking TCU Baseball’s Walk Up Songs

The Frogs released a 2021 playlist, and it’s pretty fire.

TCU Baseball vs Kentucky | February 15, 2020 | Lupton Stadium, Fort Worth, TX
Which Horned Frog has the best walk-up song? Hunter Wolfe is certainly in the conversation.
Melissa Triebwasser

With limited attendance planned for TCU Baseball this spring, not all fans will get to experience games in person. That doesn’t mean they can’t get the (almost) full Horned Frog experience though, as the program released the Frogball, USA Virtual Fan Experience last Thursday.

Included in the virtual packet are several cool touches such as game scripts, baseball bingo, and — most importantly — a Spotify playlist of the team’s walk-up songs for the season.

While we don’t know which song is associated with each player yet, we can still rank them. Presented in playlist order and ranked in baseball terms. Let’s dive in ahead of the home opener Tuesday night.

Kings Of Summer (ayokay, QuinnXCII):

This is a pretty chill track with a nice drop. I dig the summertime vibes for sure, and it has that windows down road trip feeling for sure.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Tokyo Rose (Idle Eyes):

This is a delightful 80’s pop song about a pretty girl. Feels dead on for baseball, doesn’t it?

Ranking: DOUBLE

I Don’t Want to Be (Gavin DeGraw):

It’s hard to hate on a classic, and this one hit wonder by Gavin DeGraw certainly fits the bill. It also feels very appropriate after the last 12 months — the lyrics are about simply focusing on who you are and being the best version of yourself.

Ranking: TRIPLE

Take It Outside (Brantley Gilbert):

Well, this sounds like every modern country music song. Anything with the lyrics “if you think you’re man enough, you really wanna knuckle up, if you wanna shed a little blood, then let’s take it outside” just doesn’t do much for me. I am not here for glorifying drunken bar fights, sorry.


Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi):

This might seem a little hypocritical based on my previous rating, but this song gets me pretty fired up. That hook resonates with everybody it seems, and it will absolutely get you fired up.

Ranking: TRIPLE

Got to Be Real (Cheryl Lynn):

A throwback with quite possibly the greatest opening beat of all time? Yeah, I am absolutely positively on board with whoever is walking up to bat to this song. Guaranteed to get everyone in the crowd feeling great.

Ranking: HOME RUN (no-doubter)

Electric Feel (MGMT):

A little vibey, a little eclectic... not the most STADIUM SONG of stadium songs, but feels appropriate for baseball.

Ranking: TRIPLE

Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus):

Oh no this is the song from Silence of the Lambs and is also in GTA. Sure, I love a throwback and a classic but nope nope nope not for me no thank you.

Ranking: FOUL POP

Let It All Work Out (Lil Wayne):

I hadn’t heard this song before. I probably won’t hear it outside of the ballpark.

Ranking: SINGLE

Swag Surfin’ (F.L.Y.):

We all know this one, right? A catchy tune that’s sure to be heard once and never forgotten. Not my jam but not a bad choice for the circumstances.

Ranking: SINGLE

Possum Kingdom (Toadies):

The Toadies are a Fort Worth staple, and this song referencing a popular North Texas watering hole might be their most well-known. Sure, the lyrics are all “do you want to die” but also “I will treat you well” so that’s mostly okay, right? Regardless, if you pick a local band, you get full credit.

Ranking: HOMERUN

No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne):

The sentiment is nice and the beat is catchy, but this still feels like an unusual choice for a walk-up song.

Ranking: SINGLE

Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard):

Yeah this is another oldie but goodie that you know is going to get folks fired up. Anytime you hear this song in any sporting environment, it’s impossible to not sing along.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac):

I am an absolutely sucker for anything Fleetwood Mac so I can just about promise you that whichever player is walking up to this absolute classic will be my favorite this season. I love this track. What a great pick.

Ranking: HOMERUN

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor):

The anthem for the last year, I Will Survive is an absolute epic choice for a walk-up song as baseball comes back. I am guessing this one goes to a returning player, probably someone who was devastated at the season being cut short last year. But, hey, we’ve fought, we’ve battled a pandemic and a storm of the century, and now we get to enjoy the little things again. A strong choice.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots):

Jim Schlossnagle is big into the mental side of the game, and while “stressed out” is a feeling many of us are all too familiar with these days, it’s not really the vibe you want to walk into the batter’s box with. Good song, poor timing.


For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica):

This song shreds. I am here for it.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith):

Great song. Great band. A classic among classics. Baseball song? I am not sure on that.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Ice Cream Paint Job (Dorrough Music):

I hate this song. I have hated it since It came out 11 years ago. Please don’t make me listen to it several hundred times this season :/.


Desperado (Rihanna):

I love this song and I love Rihanna but it’s a little slow in my opinion for a walk up song.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Gasolina (Daddy Yankee):

You can’t hear this song and not want to move a little. Not my favorite song but great situational hitting.

Ranking: TRIPLE

Devil Eyes (Hippie Sabotage):

Pretty sure this is a TikTok song. So you’re never getting it out of your head.

Ranking: DOUBLE

(Ghost) Riders in the Sky (Johnny Cash):

I am never going to be mad about the Man in Black and this particular song is an absolute classic.

Watch My Shoes (Boozie Badazz, Webbie):

There’s not a lot in the way of legit rap offerings from the lineup this season, and I am a littel disappointed that one of the few is this song. There are absolutely better choices.

Ranking: SINGLE


I hadn’t heard this song before, but it has a pretty cool vibe to it. A little country, a little folk, a little rock. I can get behind it.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Money for Nothing (Dire Straits):

Does anyone else associate this song with the very beginnings on MTV or is that just me? Great song, creepy AF music video — another classic.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Flashlight (Parliament):

Funk?! Yes, please. This is such a fun choice. Love it.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Devil Off My Back (Flatland Cavalry):

A good country song, but a bit of a unique choice for the situation.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Joker and the Thief (Wolfmother):

I mean, obviously.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Kickstart my Heart (Motley Crue):

Who knew there were so many hair band fans on this team?

Sad But True (Metallica):

A very sportsy, popular stadium song. Classic.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Big Iron (Marty Robbins):

This song comes off an album called “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs”. Whoever has this as their walk up song is a certified BA and I am all kinds of here for it. The song is from 1959 but has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to the Fallout video game series and TikTok. Great song and meme-able. A winner.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Enter Sandman (Metallica):


Ranking: HOMERUN


We could use a little more happiness these days, right? Good beat, nice upbeat lyrics, a little bit of soul. Strong contender.

Ranking: TRIPLE

Hail to the King (Avenged Sevenfold):

I just listened to this song for the first time and, frankly, I am a little scared. Maybe pitchers will be, too.

Ranking: DOUBLE

Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran):

This is a perfect song, period. I really hope it’s attached to Hunter Wolfe’s ABs.

Ranking: HOMERUN

Do you have a favorite song on the list or one you’re hoping we hear a lot of this spring? Let us know in the comments!