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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War Survivor Pool, Final 4

Only three entries remain. Will the Final Four games deliver a Champion?

Oregon State v Houston
Houston reached the Final Four, bringing three of our Survivors along
Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

After a long season of uncertainty, ups and downs, twists and turns, we finally know which two teams will join Gonzaga and Baylor in the Final Four. As the two favorites stormed into their long-expected spots, their counterparts took decidedly different routs to the Final Four. UCLA was left for dead in the First Four play-in game, needing a remarkable 11-point comeback and overtime to even get into the Round of 64, and has been pulling stunners ever since. Houston reached this point having faced exclusively double-digit seeds, culminating with a clock-strikes-midnight performance to end the Oregon State Cinderella run.

The Survivor field was slimmed by one with one-seed Michigan’s loss to UCLA. Another entry was eliminated for multiple reasons: I had missed that this entry used a duplicate selection (using Houston in the First & Second Rounds), and also had already used all of the remaining Final Four teams, so would not be able to make a selection in this next round. So we are left with our Final Three contestants vying for the crown.

Surviving Entries and Elite 8 results

Each surviving entry has two teams available to select: Flying Blind has Baylor and UCLA; Lara Harris and Boilerup each have Gonzaga and Baylor. Will we have a Champion after the games Saturday night or will we need the finale to reach our Last Entry Standing?

Entry Form - Final 4:

For those of you still alive, get your pick submitted for the Final 4 games in the form below or click here if your browser doesn’t show the form. Surviving entries only have to select one team for the this round games. The form again includes tiebreaker fields in case all entries are eliminated during this round. Tiebreaker 2 would only apply if applicable entries are still tied after Tiebreaker 1. Picks are due by 4:15 PM Central on Saturday, ahead of the Baylor-Houston tip-off. Good Luck!

The games of the Final Four