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Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have to Call You Back: Deshuan Watson Allegations

22 women come forward, and brands suspend their partnership with the Texans Quarterback.

Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

What started as a single accusation of sexual assault by Ashley Solis, has now turned into 22 total women coming forward about inappropriate experiences with Deshaun Watson. The accusations are being taken seriously by the Houston Police and the NFL as they have each launched their own investigations into the Houston Texans Quarterback.

Brands like Nike and Beats by Dre have reportedly suspended their partnerships with Watson, as the truth remains unclear of the situations described.

Watson has continued to publicly deny any inappropriate relationships with the 22 women, and his lawyers have presented the media with 18 women who claim to have had positive interactions with Watson. The two sides of the investigation continue to go back and forth as Lawyer Buzbee claims a woman approached him via direct message contrasting her public endorsement of Watson and his character.

Aside from the 22 women coming forward, 2 of those women spoke publicly at a press conference. Ashley Solis described the lasting effects of her interaction with Deshaun Watson as inducing panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Solis explained that his actions have forced her into therapy and made her lose her passion for massage therapy. Both Solis and Lauren Baxley explain that their reasoning for coming forward is to save other girls from the trauma they’ve endured.

Watson’s Lawyer, Scott Gaffield claims that the Buzbee Law Firm had originally approached Watson with a $100,000 settlement as “hush money”.

I know just as much as the next person about the actual logistics to the case, the only information accessible to me is what I can find on the internet. That means that the following statements are simply my opinions, and not facts. There are 2 things from both sides of the case that seem odd to me. I find it odd that 22 women would be brave enough to come forward on sexual assault from a prominent sports figure, only to be found lying like Watson claims. Also, who needs 22 different massage therapists, plus the 18 that his lawyers have vouching for him? However, I also find it odd that Ashley Solis was willing to settle originally, which would have prevented her from saving other women from becoming victims like she hopes to do now.

This has been ongoing for around a month, and there seems to be no quick resolution or end in sight.

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