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Vote for SuperFrog! TCU’s mascot is looking to be named best in the land.

Our favorite mascot has a chance to win the Tokyodachi challenge.

Among TCU licensees, Tokyodachi might be the cutest:

The brand does an annual Mascot Mania competition on Instagram Stories, using a bracket challenge with fans voting daily. TCU opened the 256 team competition with a victory over Santa Monica and knocked off MIT in round two. Now, they enter the round of 64, facing off with Nevada today with a berth in the final 32 on the line.

Voting will commence Monday June 28th on Instagram Stories and continue throughout the day.


Full Bracket:

If SuperFrog has a chance to win something, well, let’s go ahead and help him do so. Come on Frog Fam, help our favorite mascot out!