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Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: New Kid On The Block

Lets breakdown the McGregor Poirier fight, meet Jack Leiter, and dive into a story of true grit and determination

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

See you next year?

Saturday night the long awaited Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier fight took place. This UFC 264 fight would mark the 3rd time these two have battled it out. McGregor took the victory over Poirer in under 2 minutes the first time they fought in 2014. That would be the only time Conor McGregor came out on top in their fight history. Poirier locked down the win back in January, oddly enough without much use of his hands. Dustin’s secret weapon in that matchup was repetitive calf kicks that eventually weakened McGregor. Over the weekend, legs remained an unconventional key factor in Poirier’s victory.

During the first round, both fighters came out the gate aggressively, declining to touch gloves before the round started. McGregor turned to ‘risky’ moves that landed himself on the ground below Poirer which gave him a huge advantage. Dustin landed multiple face punches before the two were able to stand up again. With about 30 seconds left in the first round, McGregor dodged a punch, and in the process broke his own leg. Initially, it seemed as though Connor would be ready for the next round, until he began moving his calf in one direction, and the rest of his foot flopped the other way. Poirier was announced the winner due to doctor stoppage, but the UFC scorecards released yesterday show that Dustin had the clear lead according to all 3 judges.

This compound fracture begs the question everyone is dying to know, will McGregor come back from this? Major injuries are hard for any athlete to come back from, and with McGregor having lost his last 4 fights and obviously needing full use of his leg, what does this mean for his future? Despite analysts creating buzz around this debate, Conor and his surgeons are confident the fighter will return to the octagon.

Meet the Rangers first round pick

The Texas Rangers had the second pick in the 2021 MLB draft, and they got a score of a player. Jack Leiter is a right handed pitcher from Vanderbilt, who was ranked 2nd overall in pre draft predictions from CBS. Besides the fact that Leiter is a stud known for his fastball, the Rangers are in desperate need of pitching depth, which is what makes him an excellent choice.

Leiter, who just finished his sophomore season, recorded a total of 201 strikeouts in his career. This kind of defense is exactly what the Rangers are looking for in order to get more competitive in the league.

Leiter is no stranger to the MLB draft as the 21 year old had actually been drafted out of high school as well. The New York Yankees picked up the high schooler from New Jersey in the 20th round of the draft. Obviously, Leiter opted out and chose to improve at the college level, which now seems like a smart decision for the pitcher.

MLB Draft: The main attraction

While many draft picks cause uproar at the draft ceremony, none got the crowd going like recent high school grad, Logan Howard.

Howard suffered a stroke at age 13 that left him paralyzed for months. He was told by multiple doctors that he’d be lucky to walk again, let alone return to the diamond. However, after perseverance and determination, Howard made his return to the mound for his senior season. Not only as an addition to the team, but as a key component to success after pitching a perfect game.

This inspiring story was fitting to describe the grit and determination that goes into becoming a professional athlete, which is why Howard became the commissioners special guest. He was given the honor of announcing the 14th pick of the draft, William Bednar, to San Francisco.

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