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The Frogs O’ War Podcast: Texas and OU to the SEC? Tokyo Frogs?

Would Texas really follow in A&M’s footsteps?

It’s BACK. The Frogs O’ War Podcast makes its return from a long hiatus as Jamie and Melissa chat about the last year in TCU sports, the six Horned Frogs headed to Tokyo for the Olympics, and the breaking news that Texas and Oklahoma are trying to get into the SEC.

It’s a little wild to think that in just a few years the Big 12 could cease to exist, but more concerning is where TCU winds up in that scenario. Melissa and Jamie talk about ways the Big 12 could survive losing the Horns and Sooners, or what might happen to the Frogs if the superconference era is upon us.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or right here:

Or, if you want to see our faces when we talk, you can watch us in this video version of the episode.

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