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Midweek Musing: TCU Football isn’t ranked in the coaches poll. Good.

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I like my Horned Frogs with a side of giant chip on their shoulder.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days
Max Duggan knows that he, and his team, will be out to earn respect this fall.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The USA Today Coaches’ Poll was released Tuesday, and four Big 12 teams were ranked in the top 25.

#3 Oklahoma? No surprise.

#8 Iowa State? Good for you Cyclones. It will be fun to see how that program handles having a top ten target on their back.

#19 Texas? New head coach, couple of freshmen battling it out to be a first time starting quarterback... but yeah, have to over-hype the Horns annually, them’s the rules.

#22 Oklahoma State? Uh, okay, I guess...

And of course, Receiving Votes TCU, coming in around #32, behind powerhouse programs Northwestern, Liberty, and BYU.

Here is the poll in full:

Well, it’s not unusual for TCU Football to enter into a season unranked; this is the third consecutive year the Horned Frogs haven’t made the cut for the Top 25 and the fourth time in the last five. It makes sense, too: just 18-17 across the last three years, they certainly haven’t earned any official hype (though that never stopped folks from voting for UT!).

A few fans seem upset about the oversight, but frankly I welcome it. This is still a young team overall, and not a very experienced one to boot. No need to start believing their own hype or getting ahead of themselves in August — three of the first four games this teams plays will test them, and in three very different ways. Preseason polls are for fans of teams that don’t have much to be excited about in January, not for programs that care more about where they start than where the finish.

The Horned Frogs have plenty to prove in 2021, and their mantra of “Make It Personal” benefits from starting the season as an also ran behind a bunch of programs not exactly known as football powerhouses. GP loves to take a week by week approach, and as he’s said in the past, is more worried about where his team sits come December than what anyone is saying about them in August.

Win ballgames and the rest will take care of itself.