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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Patty Brings the Patties

Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, and Jake Arrieta

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

‘Man of the People’ Strikes Again

Trends may change and people may move, but one thing that will always stay the same in Texas is Whataburger. The deep love for the fast food chain is bound to follow any native Texan no matter where they go, and Patrick Mahomes is no exception to this.

In 2018 the quarterback became known for his love of Ketchup, and of course his skills on the field. In an interview, he explained that Whataburger had his favorite line of Ketchup which sparked conversation. Mahomes playfully bantered with the Whataburger social media team about bringing the chain to Kansas City. Now, it seems like his biggest wishes are coming true.

Mahomes has joined an investment group who has intentions to bring 30+ Whataburger restaurants to the Kansas City area. The first is set to open in 2021, while Patrick Mahomes will personally open two in 2022.

Is Dak Bak?

Dak Prescott’s offseason was full of intensity from contract negotiations to recovering from arguably the most gruesome leg injury in the NFL this past season. Naturally, the quarterback has been a topic of conversation in Dallas and nationally. The current buzz surrounds Dak’s performance in camp, or lack of performance.

Prescott took some time off from throwing at the Cowboys training camp, and it took the team a while to give a clear explanation. Originally, Prescott was suffering from fatigue, but eventually the story broke that he’d suffered a muscle strain in his shoulder. The strain took him away from 6 practices during his 2 week recovery period. Prescott took the past 5 days to ease back in without soreness, and today the quarterback was cleared with full mobility.

The Cowboys face off against the Houston Texans August 21st, and Prescott is on track to play with the team.

Jake Arrieta

Former TCU Baseball player and 2015 Cy-Young award winner, Jake Arrieta, has been released from the Cubs after a disappointing season.

The pitcher started his most impressive seasons with the Cubs in 2013, then took his talents to Philadelphia on a 3 year contract in 2017. Arrieta failed to give Philadelphia a performance anywhere close to his Cy-Young worthy year, which prompted the pitcher to sign a one year deal with the Cubs for round two after his contract expired.

Maybe Arietta was hoping to find his spark as he rejoined the Cubs organization, but he unfortunately came far from that as he ventured down a steady decline this past season. The Cubs lost hope after Arrieta gave up 7 runs in one inning during their 10-0 loss against the Brewers. Jed Hoyer, President of Baseball Operations, voiced that the club doesn't ‘diminish’ any of Arrieta’s previous accomplishments.

Arietta produced a 6.88 ERA this season, in comparison to a 2.92 ERA from 2013-2017. The Cubs needed Arrieta’s numbers from his prime and the pitcher had simply proved he was unable to preform at that level again. Despite the rocky ending to Jake Arrieta’s career, his accomplishments are astounding including the 2015Cy-Young award and a World Series with the Cubs in 2016.

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