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Rumor: TCU to the SEC?

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One rumor circulated Monday about another bout of SEC expansion.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 19 SEC Championship Game - Alabama v Florida Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TCU fans have been reading all the rumors regarding conference realignment over the last month, and another one cropped up earlier this week that is intriguing.

Greg Swaim, long-time operator of Big Time Sports, reported earlier this week that there is potential for the SEC to expand to 20 teams.

Swaim himself admits this rumor is “hard to believe,” and it’s true. I personally don’t see a scenario where the Frogs wind up in the SEC, but the argument about what major conference controls Texas does make it something to think about. With the two biggest universities in the state already in the SEC (or on their way), it seems like Texas is already firmly in the SEC’s grasp. I’m not sure another conference scooping up Tech, Baylor, and TCU challenges that a whole lot.

It should be noted too that Swaim is the same guy who circulated rumors about the Big 12’s interest in adding Florida State and Clemson back in 2012, something that clearly didn’t come to fruition.

I still think TCU winds up in the Pac-12, but the likeliest scenario in light of recent Pac-12/Big 10/ACC alliance news is that the Big 12 poaches the AAC to remain somewhat viable.