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TCU football almost fully vaccinated

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The Frogs are 15 people away from being 100% vaccinated.

A NHS vaccinator prepares to administer the Moderna Covid-19... Photo by Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Covid-19 is continuing to impact college teams as they prepare for the upcoming football season, but more and more squads are nearing 100% vaccination to combat the virus.

TCU is one of those teams, with Gary Patterson telling people Wednesday that his team is close to being fully vaccinated.

“We only have like, maybe 15 guys on our whole team that aren’t vaccinated.” Patterson told media on Wednesday, “That includes coaches and everybody on staff, trainers, equipment people, all of it, and players. I think we have less than 10 scholarship guys that aren’t vaccinated.”

When asked if he was going to urge the remaining unvaccinated staffers and players to get a vaccine, Patterson made sure to note that the vaccine wasn’t being required.

“Oh yeah, we’ve done a good job of all that stuff but some of that is family, some of that is health history.” Patterson said, “We didn’t force anybody to do that, it’s all about understanding the pros and cons of what is going on.”

“For us it’s close contact. Losing a guy, whether you have it or not, if you’re close contact you’re out 10 days, and you miss two ball games if you haven’t been vaccinated.”

Getting everyone vaccinated is important, even if you strictly stick to football reasons. The Big 12 announced this week that teams who are unable to play a game due to covid issues will forfeit said game and be tagged with a loss.

“I thought it should have been that way last year.” Patterson said when asked about the new conference policy, eliciting some chuckles from those gathered.

It’s good news for the Frogs, simply because the more players that get vaccinated, the more it becomes one less thing to worry about.

Check out Gary Patterson’s full media availability here: