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Frogs O’ War Podcast: How Marketable is TCU?

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Jamie and Melissa talk about Gary Patterson’s comments during his weekly media availability. 

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This week on the show Jamie and Melissa spend time talking about Gary Patterson’s comments during his weekly media availability, including:

  • an updated injury report
  • comments on depth at safety, including praise for some young guys
  • conference realignment
  • vaccinations and TCU’s team status
  • a status update on the competition to be Max Duggan’s backup.

Then, the two hosts talk about TCU’s schedule, breaking down the season at a high level to look for wins and losses.

Melissa also regales the listeners with her recall of her last trip to Ames, which included a fantastic beverage.

You can listen to the episode right here, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Don’t forget to leave a rating and review!

Or, if you want, you can watch us on the video version of the podcast right here, or on the Frogs O’ War YouTube Channel.

And lastly, if you want to watch Patterson’s full media availability, you can do so here: