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Midweek Musing: TCU Football, picked fifth in the preseason poll, can win the Big 12. Here’s how.

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With just over a week until kick-off, I am getting bullish on the Horned Frogs.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 12 Louisiana Tech at TCU
This guy can lead TCU Football back to the promised land.
Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The offseason is bad.

It’s always bad. It’s been ESPECIALLY bad for Big 12 teams not named Oklahoma and Texas this summer, as fans of the conference’s quote-unquote leftovers wonder just what in the hell happens next for their favorite team?

But, the offseason, mercifully is almost over, football season is nearly upon us, and as we wade through the murky waters of futures unknown, we can finally stop and just watch the boys play.

Thank god.

But the offseason is also good, as it allows us to hope and dream and scheme as to just how good our programs may actually be. Today, everyone is 0-0! Everyone is undefeated! Everyone has a CHANCE.

The longer we go without games being played, the more I begin to believe we will never lose another one.

That’s right. I am all in on TCU Football.

I know... I know. You‘re worried I am going to jinx it. But this is not that, I promise. This is just a practical look at TCU’s schedule, where they can win games, and how other team’s performances might help get them to Arlington in December.

This is just a little... hope.

Let’s take a look.

Week One: TCU Football vs Duquense

If I have to explain this one, might as well delete the whole article.

Week Two: TCU Football vs Cal

The Bears aren’t bad! They are well coached, they’ve got a pretty good quarterback, and a really veteran defense. But the Horned Frogs should be able to beat the Bears on their home field, and I expect a closer than we would like, defensive-oriented victory by the good guys, maybe 29-13.

Week Three: BYE WEEK

Enjoy it, because it’s the only one you get.

Week Four: TCU Football vs SMU

You want a litmus test? You’ve got it. One could argue that the Mustangs are a tougher opponent than the Longhorns will be, but you know there might be a few guys looking ahead a week in the locker room. The Ponies replace a good transfer quarterback with... a good transfer quarterback. We think. They’re explosive on offense, the defense is better, and they’ve got talent across the board.

But if you’re TCU Football, and you want to be taken seriously, this is one you have to win.

Week Five: TCU Football vs Texas

A four game season-opening home stand ends with the beginning of the Big 12 conference season, as weeks of realignment frustration gets settled on the field and the Frogs look to make it an 8-2 record against Hook Em since joining the Big 12.

Count me amongst the camp that believe that they will do exactly that.

Week Six: TCU Football at Texas Tech

The Red Raiders will be better in 2021; by all accounts, the defense looks solid, the QB has a ton of hype, and the Red Raiders still have riches at running back and wide receiver.

But the Horned Frogs ***should*** still be better than this version of the Red Raiders, and as weird as games get in West Texas, I still expect the good guys to bring this one home.

Week Seven: TCU Football at Oklahoma

At this point, I have the Frogs 5-0... but that’s where the undefeated dream season dies. TCU has played Oklahoma tough in Norman more often than not, but I think the Sooners prevail on their home field — though not without intrigue.

Week Eight: TCU Football vs WVU

If this game was in Morgantown it would terrify me; as it stands, based on recent history with the Mountaineers and coming off of the Sooner hangover, it’s still a toss-up. But if you’re trying to make a conference championship game, you have to protect your home field — and you really have to do so against teams you’re picked to finish ahead of in the rankings.

Week Nine: TCU Football at Kansas State

How good is Kansas State? I have absolutely no idea. I do think the Frogs are going to drop one of these weird road games (either Tech, K State, or Oklahoma State), but Patterson has had his guys ready for the Powercats more often than not over the last few seasons, and I think they get it done on the road this fall.

Week Ten: TCU Football vs Baylor

Rivalry games are weird and Baylor is a better football team in 2021, but TCU is just simply a better football team. At home in early November, that matters. Frogs win.

Week Eleven: TCU Football at Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are always well-prepared and talented. The grind of eight straight weeks of games could get to the Frogs here, and it’s tough enough to beat the Pokes in Stillwater as is. The Frogs will lose more than one game this fall, in my opinion, and I think this one is the second.

Week Twelve: TCU Football vs Kansas

Do not lose to Kansas at home in week 12. The end.

Week Thirteen: TCU Football at Iowa State

Okay, before we look at this game directly, hear me out.

The main contenders not named Oklahoma are Iowa State, Texas, and Oklahoma State, according to most folks who talk about these things.

Heading into the final week of the regular season, let’s just say this:

  • Iowa State is 9-2 with losses at WVU and Oklahoma
  • Texas is 7-4, having lost to either Louisiana or Arkansas, TCU, Oklahoma, and Iowa State
  • Oklahoma State sits 8-3 with Ls by way of Boise State (?), Texas, and Iowa State

Oklahoma will have a loss somewhere I am sure, but this would put the Cyclones and Horned Frogs in a winner-take-all throw down for the right to play the Sooners the following week at Jerry World.

We can dream, right?

This would be a tough game for TCU of course; Iowa State is very good, very talented, very experienced, and very well coached — not to mention incredibly tough to beat at home. But when Gary has a pseudo bowl game on the docket... he just doesn’t lose a lot of these.

I for one would love to see it, either way.

TCU Football could well be 7-5 or 8-4 or 10-2 by the time the dust shakes off in November and none of those options would surprise me one bit. But the important point is, there’s a path to playing for a title... one that doesn’t seem all that out of the question.

We are just over a week away from getting to find out.