Permanent Rivals vs Pods

A while back, a bunch of really good SBNation writers (who are unfortunately no longer at SBNation) had a piece about replacing divisions with permanent rivals. They called them pods but are implemented slightly differently from the pods various SEC proposal you see out there. Jaime came up with a bunch of options, but I wanted to show how the permanent rivals setup works better for the scheduling arrangement between the PAC-12 and Big XII.

The permanent rivals model for a 14 team league setup a 3 other schools for a permanent rival and 5 games against the other 10 schools every other year for an 8 game conference schedule. The 20 team league setup would instead have 4 permanent rival schools and 5 games against the other 15 schools every 3 years for a 9 game conference schedule.

Permanent Rivals
Arizona Arizona State Texas Tech UCLA USC
Arizona State Arizona Texas Tech UCLA USC
Baylor Iowa State Texas Tech TCU West Virginia
California Stanford UCLA USC Washington
Colorado Kansas Kansas State Oklahoma State Utah
Iowa State Baylor Kansas State Oklahoma State West Virginia
Kansas Colorado Kansas State Oklahoma State West Virginia
Kansas State Colorado Iowa State Kansas TCU
Oklahoma State Colorado Iowa State Kansas West Virginia
Orgeon Oregon State Utah Washington Washington State
Oregon State Orgeon Utah Washington Washington State
Stanford California UCLA USC Washington State
Texas Tech Arizona Arizona State Baylor TCU
TCU Baylor Kansas State Texas Tech Utah
UCLA Arizona Arizona State California Stanford
USC Arizona Arizona State California Stanford
Utah Colorado Orgeon Oregon State TCU
Washington California Orgeon Oregon State Washington State
Washington State Stanford Orgeon Oregon State Washington
West Virginia Baylor Iowa State Kansas Oklahoma State

What I like about this setup as opposed to the ones that Jaime proposed is that a school like Colorado can play their old Big 8 schools without forcing the other members of a pod to play the same schools. From a TCU perspective, playing Utah brings back MWC memories and the game against Kansas State/TCU game tends to get good TV ratings for whatever reasons so playing that every year is good. What do you guys think?

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