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Friday (Saturday) Mailbag: Mail, Mail, Mail

Who is the Ted Lasso of TCU football?

Rhode Island v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Week two of the mailbag has some good questions that we’ll get to in a moment, but first, I want to say thanks to everyone who has found their way back to the site after a bit of a hiatus, or the lurkers who are letting the light shine on them a bit.

I know I speak for Melissa and the rest of the staff when I say that we love the interactions on this site, even if it’s an opinion we disagree with, or if y’all are barking at each other a bit. It makes the job fun to know that you are here hanging out too.

So thanks. I appreciate all of you.

Now, on to the questions.

Q from Haaandyvandy: So, if Coach P is Roy Kent (because angry yelling) who would be Coach Lasso? (maybe Coach P again because from Kansas?)

Coach P as Roy Kent is not an image I’m going to shake for a while. It’s a wonderful comparison. As for the question “who is Coach Lasso?” I think I’m going to have to hand it to Jerry Kill. Affable, somewhat of an “aw shucks” guy, happy to be here with his best friend coaching football.

Q from YourBlitzIsShowing: Should the Big 12 bring in more than just Houston, UCF, BYU, and Cincinnati and rebrand themselves with a new conference name, identity, etc. to distinguish this new era from the time OU and Texas were with us?

Texas Tech’s AD hinted Friday that there might be a second round of Big 12 expansion once the dust settles from round one. To be completely honest, there’s really only one, maybe two other schools that I think are attractive enough to invite beyond the four that just joined, and that’s Memphis. Then you get into the big “meh” category of Boise State, South Florida, maybe any of those schools do anything for you? Not really, beyond Boise’s football team.

For now I think the Big 12 should stand at 12 (14, while Texas and OU are around), and work on getting the best TV contracts possible once the Grant of Rights expires in 2025.

Q from Philly Frog: Is Noah Daniels floating away on a boat?

It sure feels like it. We know that his absence isn’t injury related, because Patterson has said it multiple times. We also know - per Noah’s own Instagram story - that coaches are driving him to class. He’s tweeted some interesting things and posted more interesting things to his Instagram story about all his friends being gone from the team, and how people need to worry about themselves before they worry about him.

It sounds, to be completely honest, like a kid who is struggling. I’m not going to make any guesses about how, or when, or where that struggling manifests into actions or decisions, but there’s a reason he isn’t playing and only a small circle knows what that reason is.

I hope for his health’s sake that it gets figured out soon. I hope for his financial sake it gets figured out in time for him to show NFL teams what he can do on the football field. And I hope he lets the people who care about him help him out along the way.