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ICYMI: Horns down makes the jumbotron

Week 2 was full of crazy upsets, highlights, and meme-worthy events.

NCAA Football: Texas at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 wasn’t nearly as relaxing as a 45-3 season-opening blowout for the Horned Frog faithful, but a win is a win and TCU moves to 2-0. In case you were out tailgating pre-game or had to call it a night after the mid-day kickoff against Cal, the Frogs weren’t the only power 5 team to play in a weird, not so pretty ball game this weekend.

The Buckeyes were dethroned in the HorseShoe, Kansas State squeaked by Southern Illinois at home, and Texas got a first-hand look at what the future holds for them in the SEC.

There is plenty to talk about from the second full weekend of college football, but I did my best to compile the most iconic moments from this past Saturday for this week’s In Case You Missed It.

Let’s get right into it:

Jacksonville State runs the state of Florida

If you haven’t seen this crazy, last second prayer of a hail mary that Jacksonville State pulled off against the Seminoles, you’re missing out.

There is no sugar coating it, Florida State payed the Gamecocks $400,000 to come to town and hand them an L in front of a home crowd. The fact that JSU pulled this off is absurd, and the fact that the Seminoles collapsed the way they did is even more mind boggling, blowing a 10-point lead in the 4th quarter.

Blowing a 10-point lead is one thing, but the EFFORT on that hail mary is absolutely abysmal. #3 and #23 should be cut from the team immediately. Disgraceful. I know it’s easy to have this opinion from the comfort of my couch, but how on Earth could you just accept a loss like that and essentially watch him waltz into the end zone unscathed? At least act like you’re trying.

The madness doesn’t end there. After the game-winning play, Jacksonville State pulled a Baker Mayfield and planted their team flag on Florida State’s midfield logo.

Slightly disrespectful, but completely necessary.

Georgia Tech’s unstoppable stiff arms

I know we’re only in week 2, but this may as well be the play of the year already. Jordan Domineck looked like a man amongst boys on this one. Let’s walk through the play.

First, Domineck erupts off the line to make a deflection on the QB’s pitch then scoops it up himself. Second, he embarrasses the Kennesaw State QB with one of the gnarliest stiff arms I’ve ever seen, literally forcing him to do a somersault. Third, he uses his OWN TEAMMATE as a human shield and launches him into the last defender.

The Kennesaw State coach should have thrown in the towel right then and there.

After a rough week 1 loss to Northern Illinois, this kind of swagger and SC Top 10 worthy play is exactly what the Yellow Jackets needed to get going.

Horns Down makes the jumbotron

Welcome to the SEC, Texas.

Remember when the Big 12 announced Horns Down symbols could lead to taunting penalties this offseason? Well, Texas, newsflash: the SEC could care less about your whining.

I love everything about this. I know I’m not alone in saying that watching Texas lose this past weekend warmed my heart. It’s like the universe punishing them for their greedy tendencies.

All credit to Arkansas, they look to be much improved from their struggle-some past few seasons, but the fact of the matter is they are still a lower tier SEC team. If Texas can’t beat the Razorbacks on the road, how do they expect to compete with Alabama, Georgia, hell even Texas A&M as of late?

This was the rude awakening the Longhorns deserved. The college football gods have done us justice.

Kicker gets ejected for targeting

Yep, you read that correctly. Seeing a kicker make a tackle would be rare enough or highlight worthy enough to make this list, but a targeting call? This is an all-timer.

Of course glorifying a targeting penalty is always frowned upon, but this is probably the softest targeting call I’ve ever seen. For starters, the return man instantly sprung up from the hit to celebrate his return, and the kicker BARELY scraped his helmet with his shoulder. On the FIRST play of the game as well, that’s ju

The kicker looks to be about six foot and a buck seventy at most, the return man will be fine.

Unfortunately for the Trojans, this pseudo hit stick would be the highlight of the game for them as Stanford was dominant in this one. After a rough week 1, losing 24-7 to Kansas State, the Cardinal took care of business in the Coliseum coming away with a 42-28 win.