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NCAA Football: Texas at Arkansas

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Is it too late?

How sure are you?

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Texas is not back

Amid the BIG12 and SEC drama one would think Texas would really be on their ‘A’ game proving they can hang in the SEC. Wrong. This past weekend the Longhorns got an inside scoop into what their future looks like, and it’s not pretty.

The Arkansas Razorbacks beat Texas 41-20, and that’s not even the worst part. At the half, Arkansas was up 16-0. The Longhorns played Hudson Card and Casey Thompson at the quarterback position, and they had a combined 118 passing yards. Arkansas put KJ Jefferson in the pocket and he finished the game with 138 yards and a 74% completion rate.

As one could imagine, the crowd went crazy for this win and the student section ended up storming the field post-game. Texas is now 1-1 going into their game against Rice this weekend, and Arkansas goes 2-0 as they take on GA Southern.

b00mer s00ner

While Texas might've jumped the gun on the SEC move, Oklahoma continues to prove how dominate of a team they are. The Sooners gave everyone a scare last week in a close 40-35 win over Tulane. Oklahoma heard our concerns and came ready to play this past Saturday. They took on WCU and absolutely annihilated them in a 76-0 victory.

The big margin gave the Sooners the freedom to experiment with other players and playing time. Spencer Rattler was the starting quarterback for Oklahoma and finished the game with 243 yards, a 77% completion rate, and a whopping 5 touchdowns. Caleb Williams and Ralph Rucker would be among the players who the team experimented with late in the game. The two quarterbacks had 84 and 20 yards, respectively. Jaden Haselwood would be responsible for 2 our of the 5 touchdown receptions. He ended the game with 4 receptions, 19 yards, and averaging 4.8 yards a catch.

No. 3 Oklahoma now looks ahead to Nebraska this weekend, before heading into their first conference game against West Virginia.

UTSA United

Last week we discussed the UTSA President’s decision to stop using the “come and take it” quote and flag around their athletics. Many emotions flowed from this change, some rejoicing, some thinking the situation was blown out of proportion. All of that aside, I think this might've been the best decision UTSA could’ve made.

The President cited team and university unity being the reason for the rebranding, and we saw the unity in action with the football team this past Saturday. The Roadrunners handily beat Lamar 54-0. Up 34-0 at the half, this gave UTSA the confidence they needed to experiment in the quarterback position. 3 players saw the field from the pocket: Frank Harris, Josh Adkins, and Eddie Lee Marburger. The team threw for a combined 321 passing yards.

Next week, UTSA will take on Middle Tennessee.

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