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Friday Mailbag: Always and forever

Answering all your mail one keystroke at a time.

Saturday Mailbag


What’s that smell? An early bye week? I knew I recognized its musk. Once again TCU is getting hosed by a bye week in week three, followed by ten straight games to finish the season.

Anywho, let’s get into the mail!

Q from mountainmanjim: Which conference is the most overrated? Which conference is the most underrated? Why?

Two weeks into the season it sure feels like the ACC is overrated. Virginia Tech is the only ranked ACC without a loss, while Clemson, North Carolina, and Miami all have blemishes on their record.

Clemson, though, will probably get bailed out by their Charmin soft schedule the rest of the way. The Tigers don’t have to play the Tar Heels, Hurricanes, or Hokies this season until they face one of them in the ACC Championship.

As for underrated conference, is the Pac-12 good? Oregon thumped Ohio State, UCLA throttled LSU...sure USC just fired Clay Helton and Washington looks more like Kansas, but is the top of the Pac-12 better than the top of the ACC right now?

Q from mountainmanjim: If you were going to bust up the ESPN monopoly on college athletics (insofar as the media contracts and the $ addiction), how would you do it?

I honestly don’t know. The streaming options ESPN provides, especially for sports like TCU soccer and baseball, are undeniably a step in the right direction when it comes to viewer access. Fox seems to lag behind a bit in this regard, and CBS looks like it is getting out of college sports altogether.

And, as long as ESPN/Disney keeps throwing money at schools to switch conferences, things are going to continue down this path.

Q from mountainmanjim: Other than soccer, equestrian, and rifle, what other sport should I be paying attention to moving forward?

I’d highly recommend you keep an eye on the men’s tennis team. They’re returning four starters from last year’s regular season Big 12 championship team, and they just signed the No. 2 recruit in this class, Pedro Vives.

Q from mountainmanjim: Since we’re two weeks in, what are your second favorite moments, all time, from Football, Basketball (men’s and women’s), and Baseball?

Second favorite moments? That’s a fantastic question.

Football: The Rose Bowl is the clear No. 1. I could say the Peach Bowl or Alamo Bowl comeback here, but I’m going to say TCU 14, Clemson 10 in 2009. A group of friends and I went up for that game, it was terrible weather, and Andy and the Frogs beat a Clemson team with C.J. Spiller.

Basketball (Men’s): It has to be Desmond Bane’s stepback three over Baylor, before slapping his chest and screaming “I’m that guy!” as the Scholly went bonkers.

Basketball (Women’s): Jaycee Bradley’s putback with six seconds left to beat No. 25 Texas in Austin was pretty freaking fanstastic.

Baseball: Of all the incredible moments for TCU baseball, I think one of the wildest moments I witnessed live was the comeback win over N.C. State.

Q from Frog-N-Jax: NlL info... Any interesting tidbits or sources? Who’s making bank? Any goofy “why are they repping that’s?” popping up around the fort?

We haven’t heard a ton from TCU athletes yet about NIL deals, but that will probably change after the NIL Open House earlier this week, coupled with an announcement that the athletic department and business school were partnering up to work on NIL stuff. With Patterson essentially giving the green light to do what it takes to get and keep players at TCU, we should see some big announcements soon.

Q from YourBlitzIsShowing: Would there be anything to be gained for non-power conferences if they were to form an “alliance” among themselves?

I’m not sure. In the current climate it feels like how many eyes you draw is the only thing that matters, and I’m not sure that any G5 alliance is going to benefit them all that much. Instead, watch for the AAC to poach the Mountain West, and for some other shuffling between the MWC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and others to take place.

Q from FrogLiquor: which game is the best candidate for a FOW tailgate at the Carter?

Melissa will be back for the Texas game [eye emoji][eye emoji]...

Q from GassyFrog: Do we suck, or is this a season that just looks kinda weak to start and Patterson figured it out. 12-0 or 7-5?

I think injuries have played a big role through two games, especially on defense. Getting Khari Coleman and Noah Daniels back will bolster things on that side of the ball, and young guys like Bud Clark and Wyatt Harris will continue to grow up and play faster as the season goes along.

I said before the season I thought this team could get to 10 wins, and for now I stand by that.

Q from PhillyFrog: Is it OK for us to hate SMU now?

Always and forever.