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Predictions: TCU Football vs Duquesne

The Frogs O’ War staff takes their best guess at how Saturday goes down — and we want to hear from you, too!

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Days
Will GP be all smiles Saturday night?
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Week One. Let’s do this.

Each week this fall, members of the Frogs O’ War staff will give you their best guess at who wins, what the final score will be, and who will be the offensive and defensive MVPs.

We hope that you’ll add yours in the comments as well!

TCU Football vs Duquesne FOW Staff Predictions

Name Who will win Saturday? Final Score Offensive MVP Defensive MVP
Name Who will win Saturday? Final Score Offensive MVP Defensive MVP
Jamie TCU 63-10 Zach Evans Lakendrick Van Zandt
Anthony TCU 52 - 10.1st Team scores 42, gives up 3; 2nd Team scores 3 gives up 0; 3rd Team scores 7 gives up 7. Gary is furious. Kendre Miller TJ Carter
Russell Hodges TCU 56-7 Max Duggan Ochaun Mathis
Christian Tjoa TCU 56-3, with everyone panicking when the score is 10-3 at the end of the 1st quarter Kendre Miller gets the most work and runs for 2 TDs Bud Clark introduces himself to TCU fans with a pick six
Ryan Bunnell TCU 51-7. Explosive first half until Gary eventually pulls out the starters in the 2nd half. The offense may try a few new plays here and there in the second half because it's a perfect game to run some experiments, and because of that I believe the offense may get stalled and settle for a few field goals from Kell. TCU ALWAYS gives up at least one random big play to these "cupcake" games, hence the singular TD for Duquense. Zach Evans Noah Daniels, because Duquense will be forced to throw all game
Colin Post TCU 63-10 Matthew Downing Tre Hodges-Tomlinson
Melissa Triebwasser TCU 41-10 Kendre Miller Dee Winters


Anthony: 0-0

Christian: 0-0

Colin: 0-0

Jamie: 0-0

Melissa: 0-0

Ryan: 0-0