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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Duquesne Preview

Jamie and Melissa break down TCU’s first game of the season, among other things.

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It’s TCU game week! Jamie and Melissa kick off the football season with a quick look at TCU’s first opponent of the year: Duquesne. While it’s an FCS opponent, there are still expectations around performance, health, and coming away with a win.

The duo also talks about all of the nuggets from Gary Patterson’s midweek press conference. Zach Evans is suspended for the first two series of the game due to a team rules violation regarding NIL stuff, and everyone that doesn’t follow TCU (and some that do) have blown this out of proportion.

Noah Daniels is still not practicing, and it is non-injury related according to Patterson. With both Evans and Daniels, Jamie and Melissa break down what is actually important, relevant, and how we should respond to these situations as fans.

With the NFL wrapping up its preseason and getting down to 53-man rosters, Melissa and Jamie also look at where Pro Frogs wound up, and they make their picks for every Big 12 game in Week 1.

Give it all a listen!

Or, if you’re interested in the video version, check us out here and on YouTube (plus, Jamie makes a cool announcement about the YouTube channel near the end of the episode).