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Breakfast tacos for tailgates? We will take it.

Did the Longhorns getting blasted by Arkansas drop this one down a notch, or is it worth it to get the national game on ABC?

TCU Football vs Duquesne (9.4.21) Melissa Triebwasser

The Horned Frogs will play back to back breakfast games, as the Big 12 announced Monday that TCU Football’s conference opener against Texas would kick-off at 11:00am.

The good news? That game will get the main slot on ABC.

11:00am kick-offs aren’t terrible for those of us that skew a little older, and many would argue that it’s nice to have part of your day left after a football game. And it bodes well for nice weather, too. But we know the students like to have plenty of time to get ready to let the Longhorns hear it for 60 minutes, so it’s not ideal for them.

Since beginning Big 12 play in 2012, the Horned Frogs have a 7-2 record against the Longhorns with victories in the last two meetings and six of the past seven.

TCU hosts SMU on Saturday at 11 a.m. on FS1, so hopefully they’ll have a well-seasoned skillet to cook up some eggs ahead of game time.