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SMU Football players trying to light a fire under the Iron Skillet

Rashee Rice had some THOUGHTS, but will it be even to get the Horned Frog fans fired up for meeting 100?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 21 SMU at TCU Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Iron Skillet game means more to SMU than TCU these days.

Decades of dominating a rivalry will make it, well, less of a rivalry, and that’s what the Horned Frogs have done since Gary Patterson took over the football program in Fort Worth. As has been well documented here and elsewhere, the Mustangs have won just three times in the past 20 meetings, and most of those games haven’t been close: 44-0, 56-0, 33-3, and 42-12 stand out among the dozen plus blowouts over the span.

But SMU won the most recent game, and apparently that’s all they needed to get cocksure and loud.

On Tuesday, Rashee Rice, a three star receiver out of North Richland Hills (who was not offered by TCU) had a turn at the podium, and took his moment in the spotlight to talk shit about TCU:

Well, that’s a lot.

First let’s address, “scared to play us”. Well, you see, Rashee, there was this whole pandemic thing — maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s kind of still going on actually. And TCU Football was ravaged by COVID in both the fall and the winter, causing them to cancel their preseason game with SMU and their bowl game with Arkansas. You can say a lot about Gary Patterson, but he hasn’t really been one to shy away from playing anyone at any time, any place in his career.

This is an even more hilariously bad take when you remember that SMU had to cancel it’s bowl game last season due to… COVID-19 issues in its program. Scared to play UTSA, I guess.

“No one comes to Texas for Fort Worth.”

Um, excuse me sir? Let’s talk about Dallas. You claim the Dallas Cowboys, who play in Arlington. Your major airport is located in Irving. You have one of the most beautiful bridges in the country — that is also one of the most useless. You’re a major city without reliable public transportation. Your BBQ was extremely second class until Heim crossed the line and built a place near Love Field. You know the saying “under promise, over deliver”? You’re just under.

And SMU, so desperate for someone to dare about them, has tried to make itself Dallas’ home team. It feels like that seen in Mean Girls where Regina George tells Gretchen “stop trying to make fetch happen.” Dallas doesn’t care about SMU Football. The proof? In 2019, when the Mustangs had their best team in 40 years, SMU ranked 21st in attendance — lowest attendance, that is. But hey, you drew better attendance than UTEP that year!

Now, Rashee, we know you’re feelings are hurt that you got left off the list for a Power Five invite again; when even a very desperate Big 12 doesn’t think you’re worthy — and invites Houston instead! — that’s got to sting. But at the end of the day, you had a nice season in 2019 (even though you lost the… Boca Raton Bowl?), and you’re off to a nice start this year (needing a true miracle Hail Mary to beat that powerhouse La Tech aside), but at the end of the day, TCU Football has forgotten more ten win seasons than you’ve had in the last half a century. You might own the Skillet, for now, but it’s the only thing close to a trophy you can claim that isn’t rusting away somewhere in a basement, covered in shame.

Oh, and we aren’t even ranked. OWNED!

So, Frog fans. The match has been lit. The fire is burning. And the Ponies are peeved off. Let’s remind them why this little rivalry is second class to us — because it’s only fun when it’s competitive, and the Ponies are far from making it matter.

Let’s not let them get any closer this year.