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Kegs, Eggs, and a Skillet Saturday: TCU Football vs SMU Gamethread

Let’s bring it back home, boys and girls.

TCU Football vs Duquesne (9.4.21)
Is that Gary looking for the Skillet?
Melissa Triebwasser

What a week it’s been.

We had an SMU receiver simultaneously tell us how excited he is to play in his hometown while dissing his hometown and well actually it isn’t even his hometown.

We had Gary Patterson asking boosters to Pony up in the era of NIL while also getting mad that the media was reporting on the Texas game time.

We had our own Colin Post get dissed for asking a question in a press conference because apparently he doesn’t ask enough of them.

Yep, a rivalry is afoot.

Ultimately, this game does matter: for TCU, it’s a chance to prove the defense can hold up against elite offensive skill position players ahead of Big 12 play and a conference full of them. For SMU, as it is each year this rivalry game is played, it’s basically their Super Bowl, and having been cast aside (FOR HOUSTON!) in the latest round of realignment, you can bet they’re itching to prove that they belong with the big boys.

Chat with us as we watch the Frogs try and take back the Skillet!