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TCU News & Notes: Patterson irked by postgame antics

Maybe he should be angrier about what happened ***during*** the game?

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Links O’ War
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It has been well established that I like rivalry games. In fact, I am fully on the side of playing SMU Football now that they have established themselves as a respectable football program. Rivalries are fun because of the off-the-field stuff: the trash talk, the comparison between programs, between cities, between players, the kids that didn’t get offered by the hometown team taking it to that team on game day. It’s great! Teams that don’t respect you don’t try to take you off your game, and it’s clear that SMU was trying to get TCU off their game.

And it continued well past the final buzzer, as Rashee Rice tried, and failed, to plant SMU’s flag at midfield, something that finally woke up the TCU Defense and got them to do something to stop a Mustang on the field.

Well, Patterson didn’t like what happened before the game and he sure didn’t like what happened after the game, even mentioning that Jerry Kill was apparently hit with a helmet (we will get to that).

Here’s what he said in the postgame press conference, as reported by Drew Davison of the Star-Telegram.

“Here’s the thing, I didn’t talk. I saw coach [Dykes] fry frog legs in the skillet when we couldn’t play them,” Patterson said. “I’ve been here 24 years. There’s one way that you handle things — you have class doing that. I’m not going to call people out and tell them they’re scared [like Rice]. I’m not doing all of that stuff. There’s a way to win and there’s a way to lose. Doing that? Just because Baker Mayfield did it at Ohio State?

“I’ve been here 24 years. This is the first time I’ve lost back to back to SMU since we’ve been here. The bottom line is we need to change that. It still doesn’t have anything to do with not acting the right way.

“They can keep acting that way. Just like they put grass seed on the field. To me, that tells me they still hold us in high regard. Simple.”

Well, about Coach Kill... looks like the helmet thrower was actually a TCU offensive lineman, meaning that the OL did actually block somebody Saturday afterall:

Coach Patterson wants to put the focus anywhere but on how his team played. I get that. But let’s worry less about what happens after the game and more about what happens during it for Texas Week, pls.


Well, this sucks. The Frogs lost two rivalry games this weekend, as TCU Soccer stunningly dropped a home match to Baylor in front on a national television audience.

The Bears scored early, just 13 minutes into the match, and added an insurance goal just four minutes into the second half. TCU got on the board with a Grace Collins penalty kick but an equalizer opportunity was ruled not a goal despite video evidence seeming to show it crossed the goal line.

The loss is the first Big 12 Conference for the program since November of 2019, but the second in the last three games. The Frogs lost to a top ten Pepperdine team but beat Kansas 1-0. They’ll travel to Texas Thursday as they look to get back into the win column.