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ICYMI: “We want Caleb” chants and unnecessary field rushing

Week 4 was another action packed Saturday of college football, and we’re here to catch you up on everything you might have missed!

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot to unfold from week 4 of college football. Six top 25 teams suffered a loss, Oklahoma escaped the Mountaineers on a last second field goal, and the ACC lost any chance of a playoff spot this year thanks to Clemson and UNC.

We don’t even need to talk about the Battle for the Iron Skillet, we all know what happened and I don’t need anymore reminders. Alas, we move on to bigger and better things next week as the Longhorns come to town.

Fun fact: TCU is 2-8 in the weekend prior to their UT matchup since joining the Big 12, yet 7-2 against the Longhorns in that same time span. Funny how that works out.

Anyways, before we get too excited for another opportunity to embarrass Texas in the Carter, I’m here to take you through some of the action you might have missed last Saturday. From 31-point underdog upsets to pointless field rushing, week 4 had it all.

Let’s go all the way back to Thursday for this first one:

Marshall pulls off a fake handoff kick return TD

Even though the Thundering Herd ended up losing this game 31-30, they pulled off one of the all around coolest plays of the year. They completely fooled App. State, and on top of that they fooled the camera operator.

The execution couldn’t have been better. Maybe it’s just the camera angle, but it looks like no matter who had the ball, both of them had enough space to break through for the score.

The only downside about a play like this is you can only run it once before the opposition is on their toes for the rest of the game.

31-point underdogs win outright

Minnesota… oh Minnesota. What happened? The Golden Gophers closed as -31.0 favorites over MAC side Bowling Green this past weekend but were upset 14-10. To make matters worse, they lost this game in front of their home crowd. Yikes.

Minnesota QB Tanner Morgan threw for a frightful 38% completion percentage, 59 yards, 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Everything about this game was horrible to watch.

PJ Fleck may not be firmly in the hot seat quite yet, but the media rightfully had a field day with him after possibly the worst loss of his coaching career.

I’m honestly not quite sure whether to give more credit to Bowling Green for pulling off the upset or put more weight on the fact that Minnesota constantly shot themselves in the foot. Either way, the Falcons added a W to their win column and the Gophers lost all hope for the rest of their season.

Oklahoma fans chant “We want Caleb” after Rattler INT

Even though I have made it abundantly clear throughout a lot of my blogs that I don’t think Spencer Rattler is the second coming of Jesus like many college football analysts were hyping him up to be in the preseason, this is wrong.

I want this to serve as a PSA for all the Max Duggan haters out there because these scenarios go hand in hand. The second Caleb Williams is the best option for Oklahoma at QB is the second he will go into the game. Same thing with Duggan, the people calling for Downing or Chandler Morris need to realize that Max is QB1 for a reason, and you are a fan and not a coach for a reason.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but remember these are just kids. Rattler ironically just turned 21 today, but still, imagine what this does for his confidence?

If history repeats itself, Caleb Williams will be the next great quarterback for the Sooners, but right now is not his time. To all the pessimistic Sooners fans, let the kid play ball and get off his back.

Bo Nix benched vs Georgia State

Who remembers when Bo Nix was a preseason top 5 Heisman favorite a few years back? Good times.

The face of Milo’s Tea hasn’t necessarily had the worst season ever, but he certainly hasn’t done anything spectacular to help the Tigers win this year. This past weekend, with Nix at the helm, Auburn found themselves down 24-19 against Georgia State in the 4th quarter.

With the game on the line, coach Bryan Harsin made the bold decision to pull Nix from the game and put in sophomore QB TJ Finley. Before the game against Georgia State, Finley had thrown just seven passing attempts in his young career, so it was a bit of a gamble to say the least.

Finley entered the game as a newcomer to the 1st team, and left as Auburn’s saving grace. Finley went 9/16 passing with 96 yards and a go-ahead TD.

Coach Harsin seemed a bit flustered when questioned on who the starter will be next week against LSU:

Could this be the end of the Bo Nix era at Auburn?

Boston College rushes the field after beating Mizzou

Part of me wants to understand this. Sure, Mizzou is an SEC program and a decent non-conference win to have, but they’re unranked…

To me, this screams: “Our football program is rubbish and we’ll take any shred of joy we can get,” but to each their own. It’s an exciting win, and a good win nonetheless, but I truly don’t think this is worth storming the field over.

I would be more willing to understand rushing the field after an unranked win if it were a deeply rooted rivalry game, but Boston College really isn’t that bad anymore so this wasn’t a crazy upset or anything.

With the way the ACC has panned out thus far, I wouldn’t be too shocked if the Eagles gave Clemson or UNC a run for their money as well. Maybe we’ll see a handful of field stormings in Boston this year.