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TCU News & Notes: Sark not “buying the lie” that Saturday’s effort was indicative of TCU Football

Sounds like “2-7” has been plastered all over the facilities in Austin.

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By now, you ought to know: TCU plays really poorly the week before and the week after the Texas game, but seems to almost always show up for the Longhorns. That’s why Texas coach Steve Sarkisian said “we’re also not going to buy the lie that we’re going to play the same TCU team that just played SMU on Saturday.”

Could Gary Patterson be playing the ultimate game of shark?

Okay, okay, I don’t think that Coach Patterson had his team lay a big ol’ giant ostrich egg against SMU, but it’s clear that his team wasn’t:

A. Ready to play

B. Excited to play

C. Caring about playing

D. All of the above

Yeah, the Horned Frogs either no-showed against the Mustangs or are a lot worse than we all thought.

Sarkisian, in his first year in Austin, knows the history between these two teams, and, from the sounds of it, has plastered that 2-7 mark all over the locker room leading up to the game. Texas hasn’t taken TCU lightly in the last few years, I don’t think, but it hasn’t stopped TCU from dominating their in-state rival for the better part of a decade. Especially in Fort Worth, where the scores have been 50-7, 24-7 37-27 in favor of the Frogs.

Normally, going into Texas week, TCU fans can be fairly confident and mildly bemused at the Longhorns saying “NOT THIS YEAR”. But Sark has brought a different attitude to Austin, and it seems like maybe, just maybe, some of the entitlement is gone. Based on what we saw last week from both teams... this feels... different.

In other news...

Texas Tech chose TCU as their Homecoming opponent. That doesn’t feel great. Also, it’s a night game. In Lubbock.



About this Jerry Kill business.

The TCU coach was apparently injured at some point during the postgame scuffle that ensued as Rashee Rice tried to plant an SMU flag at midfield. Rumored to have suffered a concussion, Kill was knocked down — according to videos of the incident — by a TCU player, but Gary Patterson said in the postgame that an SMU player threw a helmet at him. Later, as the video went public, Patterson doubled down on the claim, as TCU officials think there was a second incident — but haven’t been able to find video evidence to support that claim.

Look, first of all, I hope that Coach Kill is okay and wish him a speedy recovery. And if an SMU player did indeed assault him — and throwing a helmet at a man not in uniform absolutely qualifies as assault — then that player should be punished and suspended, possibly for multiple games.

But... also... we all saw the video (if you didn’t here you go), and if this is the crux of it? Move on, Coach P. You can’t deflect from what happened on the field by focusing on something that happened... well still on it but you know what I mean.

Yes, Kill’s health is the utmost priority and we want him to be back at 100% as soon as possible. But what’s the point of keeping this in the news?

Maybe keeping something else out?