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TCU Football Uniform Update: Purple is Back

The Horned Frogs go with a classic look to open conference play.

Photo courtesy of TCU Athletics.

Can the Storm Trooper kits die already?

Once again, the Horned Frogs lost a football game while wearing their all-whites, and doing so at home was an abomination.

As they open Big 12 play this weekend against Texas, TCU Football will go away from some of the alternate looks they have used for this game this year, sticking with the classic black-purple-black look.

Wearing this much black for an 11:00am kick-off is not my favorite, but also this look was probably decided on well before game time was announced. I do love the metallic drip helmets with the oversized Frog and the chrome purple face masks though, so that’s a win in my book. And of course black cleats almost always look great.

What are your thoughts on the game four uniform? Will this be a look good, play good affair?