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NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Illinois

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Empire Falling

UTSA rebrand sends fans into a frenzy, Clemson gets a reality check, and a High School football empire sees a loss.

Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA Rebranding

Like many college football games, UTSA’s 4th quarter is filled with tradition. The school would fly a ‘come and take it’ flag, that was accompanied by chanting and a cannon fire. However, UTSA President, Taylor Eighmy, has announced the school will be disassociating themselves from this tradition, as well as removing the phrase from buildings, social media, and merchandise. Eighmy believes the divisive phrase is counterintuitive to the work the program has done to become more inclusive.

Eighmy told faculty he knew this decision wouldn’t be popular with fans, and he was right on the money. Reportedly, fans have started burning their UTSA gear and posting to social media their disappointment in the school.

Many, including professors, are ecstatic with the change explaining this gives the school an opportunity to create new, more inclusive traditions.

What’s Next For Clemson Football?

It’s no secret Trevor Lawrence is a special player, but where does Clemson stand with the star quarterback gone? The Tigers opened their season with a 10-3 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs. It’s evident the defense was there for both teams with a low scoring game, but the concerning part is the fact that Clemson failed to score a touchdown.

Clemson quarterback, DJ Uiagalelei, finished the game with a 51% passing rate, 178 yards, and 1 interception. The sophomore has been put in an impossible situation with major shoes to fill. Trevor Lawrence is arguably one of the best NCAA quarterbacks in recent years, Uiagalelei is aware of this and most likely let the first game ‘jitters’ get to him.

While many analysts are saying Clemson is on the downfall, I’d advise everyone to give the team two more games, and then reevaluate.

Allen High School Empire

The Allen Eagles have been a dominating North Texas 6A team since their days with Kyler Murray at quarterback. However, the team was given a run for their money last friday against Atascocita. the teams had an uneventful first quarter tied at zero going into the second quarter. Atascocita headed into the locker room confident at half as they took a 20-17 lead. The second half is where the Atascocita Eagles would prove to be the dominant team. they held Allen to a scoreless 3rd quarter, and sealed the deal in the 4th putting up 14 more points. The Atascocita defense took care of business holding Allen to a single field goal. The final score was 41-20.

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