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Embracing the Funky: Hypnotoad & Flying T

TCU is leaning into the fun and weird of the Horned Frog brand

Sonny Dykes’ hoodie game is elite
TCU Athletics

It’s been an incredible week for TCU gear. And a reminder that can sometimes get lost in the midst of a high-pressure season: College Sports are great because it’s silly and weird and fun.

On Thursday TCU announced the long awaited return of the classic retro logo known as the Flying T as the University was able to finally reach an agreement with the logo’s creator, former football player Marshall Harris.

The logo has long been a fan favorite, but there was never merchandise available for Horned Frog supporters to purchase, without finding some vintage hand-me-downs or unlicensed bootleg offerings. Frog fans no longer have to hunt the darkest depths of the internet for official Flying T merchandise, with a full line of apparel available online and at the campus bookstore.

While the Flying T certainly got Frog fans fired up as a nod to the past, we also got a look at the Futurama of TCU Football this week. @TCUFootball broke the internet Friday morning with Sonny Dykes’ latest practice hoodie which featured the Hypnotoad, a character from the animated show Futurama that has been a key character in hype videos at Amon G. Carter Stadium. The tweet went viral, grabbing attention from national outlets and sending TCU fans into a frenzy begging for everyone to SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

While there appear to be no official channels to procure this all-time great product, many many unlicensed retailers taking advantage of the viral design and are happy to separate you from your money. Just as caution, we’ll reiterate the unlicensed nature of those links you may see floating around the internet, but understand when it comes to the Hypnotoad, all caution may be abandoned. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 40+ years for TCU to release an official avenue to purchase the Hypnotoad hoodie like Frog fans have waited on the Flying T. Until then, all glory to the Hypnotoad and we’ll see you Saturday night. Go Frogs!