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Frogs O’ War March Madness Tournament Challenge

Join the ESPN TC group with the link below to compete against fellow fans and the FOW staff!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Four Practice Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year! Join the Frogs O’ War March Madness Tournament Challenge to compete against your fellow Horned Frog fans as well as the FOW staff! You can find the link to join on our Twitter (@FrogsOWar) or join here:

For the first time since 2018, the Horned Frogs are a part of the illustrious 68-team bracket. Slotted as a 9-seed set to face Big East opponent Seton Hall in the first round, how far will you have the Frogs going in your bracket?

With the play-in games beginning tonight, here are some random stats and facts to keep in mind when filling out your bracket. Remember, none of these hold up to be 100%, this is March Madness we’re talking about, truly anything can happen.


  • According to the NCAA, you have a 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (9 quintillions) chance of making a perfect bracket when guessing on each game
  • Only one 16-seed has ever upset a 1-seed in the history of the tournament as UMBC beat Virginia 74-54 in 2018
  • No top 2-seed and top 10 in the final AP Poll that was unranked to start the season has made it to the Final Four (Arizona)
  • No team has ever won a national title after losing the first game of their conference tournament (Baylor, Texas, Auburn)
  • There hasn’t been a national title winner since 1990 that came from a conference with less than four teams in the tournament (UCLA, Houston, Arizona)
  • The lowest seed to ever reach a Final Four is an 11-seed (UCLA in 2021, Loyola Chicago in 2018)
  • No 5-seed has ever won the NCAA tournament
  • 10-seeds upset 7-seeds 40% of the time while 11-seeds upset 6-seeds 35% of the time
  • There has never been an Elite 8 without at least one 1-seed

Be sure to lock in your bracket before the first round officially starts on Thursday, March 17! Best of luck to all those competing and safe travels to any Horned Frogs making the trip out to San Diego!