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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War 2022 NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool, March 19

Frogs and Favorites prevail Friday, limiting damage to the field. If you are still standing, submit your Sunday pick

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round - Chattanooga vs Illinois
Chattanooga couldn’t finish off the upset of 4-seed Illinois
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Friday was unable to match the madness level of Thursday, creating a much safer environment for our pool entrants. The nearest major upset was Chattanooga who lead for all but the final 25 seconds over 4-seed Illinois, but couldn’t close out the game. The game that eliminated the most entrants was LSU falling to 11-seed Iowa State in its first game without former head coach Will Wade. The evening session featured TCU securing a dominating victory over Seton Hall and Wisconsin escaping vs. Colgate.

At the conclusion of the day we had 60 entries continue to Round 2. With so many favorites advancing, Sunday will be filled with great games but will be a challenge when select a team to reach the Sweet 16.

Selections and results for the games of March 18

If you were able to survive Friday, get your pick in for the 2nd Round games of Sunday March 20. You can review all of the entries or if you need a reminder of who you selected here: NCAA Survival '22 Entries MAR 19.pdf

Fill out the form below (or follow this link if your browser does not show the form below) with your picks for Saturday, ahead of the Houston-Illinois tip off at 11:10 Central in Pittsburgh.

March 20 schedule
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