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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War 2022 NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool, Sweet 16

The Round of 32 was filled with upsets, reducing our field to just four contenders

Miami v Auburn
10-seed Miami eliminated 2-seed Auburn, along with much of the remaining field
Photo by Grant Halverson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It was an incredible weekend of basketball, and the heartbreak wasn’t reserved to TCU fans as there were upsets across the bracket. The pool filled with 112 entries to start, now headed into the Sweet 16 and we are down to the final four remaining contestants. The madness has been abundant in this year’s Tournament, wiping away most of our participants earlier than expected.

On the first day of the 2nd Round did most of the damage to the field, primarily due to the continued Cinderella run of Saint Peter’s. After eliminating 8 entries on Thursday with its shocking upset of #2 Kentucky, the Peacocks sent another 22 entries packing on Saturday by advancing past #7 Murray State. Otherwise on Saturday, one entry each were eliminated with losses by Baylor, Saint Mary’s, and Tennessee.

Sunday began with just 17 contestants remaining, but the chaos was not complete. 3-seed Wisconsin was taking on 11-seed Iowa State in a virtual home game in Milwaukee, but fell to the Big 12 foe, eliminating six of our remaining entries. Another five entries expected Bruce Pearl’s #2 Auburn to escape the Miami Hurricanes, but the Tigers and their top NBA prospects didn’t deliver. There was one head-to-head elimination match up on Sunday, as Old Enough to Remember Seeing TCU Win an NCAA Tournament Game advanced by selecting Villanova, while Mama Bear was eliminated looking for the Ohio State upset. The three other surviving entries correctly selected the Red Raiders to advance beyond Notre Dame.

Now entering the Sweet 16, the pool has reached its final four entries. It’s an impressive run for these four to have navigated the madness and have a chance at being crowned champion. For a recap of all performance of all entries: NCAA Survival '22 - Sweet 16.pdf

The remaining entries and the selections that got them here

All of the surviving entries have used a very similar set of teams to reach this point, and other than Tom Elias’ choice of Baylor, all of those teams are still dancing. This will make it challenging going forward, as so many of the remaining teams will not be available to select again. The Sweet Sixteen entry form also includes tie-breakers, in case all entries are eliminated during the same round with no available teams remaining to select - it is possible we have a champion before the Elite 8. For these four contenders, the entry form is below, (or follow this link if your browser does not show the form below) for the games of Sweet 16 Thursday & Friday. Good Luck!

The Sweet 16 schedule