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FOW Polls: Ask the fans results

Check out if your answers from last week’s polls matched with the majority of Horned Frog fans or not!

NCAA Football: Duquesne at Texas Christian Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve tallied the votes and put together a quick summary of results from our Ask the fans poll-style blog from earlier in the week!

The polls included questions ranging from which TCU head coach would win in a heated thumb war all the way to how many wins TCU football will finish with. Let’s see what the Horned Frog faithful think!

Not sure how to react to this one, but Saarloos does have six years of major league pitching under his belt, which might help with the grip aspect in a thumb war. No arguments here.

We love a positive fan base, and we also love seeing Mike Miles and O’Bannon return to the fort next fall. Man, I can’t wait for next season.

Hard to disagree on this one. Although Francisco Farabello wasn’t necessarily lights out all the time, he was a solid shooter and his role certainly needs to be filled, if not improved upon.

A three-and-d option would be fine by me as well. Really anything to up last year’s atrocious 3-PT shooting numbers will make Frog fans happy.

As things stand, TCU currently sits atop the Big 12 standings with a 12-6 conference record. A recent sweep over Texas Tech and comeback series win over Oklahoma State certainly helped the Frogs case, so at this point it’s hard to say TCU won’t at least be in the running for another title.

Cornelio has been absolutely dealing lately. It’s tough to knock the Frogs pre-season ace in Krob after his shoulder injury, but Cornelio’s numbers are too good to ignore.

Aside from a less-than-ideal outing against Oklahoma State this past weekend, which we won’t even talk about, the sophomore righty has only given p more than 2 earned runs once this season. On top of that, he’s averaging 6 strikeouts per game.

Things we’re a little closer on the blog polls, as Cornelio received 42% and Krob received 396% of 231 total votes. Slightly different than the Twitter results, but not by much.

Honestly surprised Eddie Lampkin on his way to Chicken-E didn’t win. Those post-game Eddie And-1 meals hit different.

Blog readers went a different route than the Twitter folks, as Max Duggan took this one with 38% of the 262 votes, with QJ closely behind at 37%.

If only “All of the above” was an option.

After the TCU spring game, it’s hard to argue with the Twitter respondents. The skill positions looked solid.

This one’s rather surprising. My main question is who the hell the 4.1% of voters want lining up under center next year.

It seems like this QB controversy is a true coin toss amongst Horned Frog fans. The blog readers voted on this same question, but it was Duggan that came out on top with 51% of the 275 votes.

Blog readers and Twitter voters were nearly identical on this one. That 14% might just have a bad taste in their mouth left over from last season, but it’s good to see a majority positive outlook.

This one’s another coin toss, especially considering it’s year one under a vastly different coaching staff, but this seems both realistic and possible for the Frogs next season.

Boo to whoever voted 0. The Frogs are killing it this spring with a top-rated Beach Volleyball squad, a conference champion Tennis team, and a fourth ranked equestrian team. One of them is ‘bound to lift a trophy come the end of the season.

There wasn’t a major difference between Twitter voters and blog readers on this one, as “2” won the blog vote with 40% of the 257 total votes. “1” was right behind, though, with 35% of votes.

Although I would much prefer TCU be the team to accomplish this feat, it would be music to my ears to see ANY of the “New Big 12” members win a natty before the Sooners, and especially before the Longhorns.

Blog voters were even more in favor of the new-look conference, as “Any ‘New Big 12’ member” won with 82% of the 267 votes.

This seems like the wise choice. An Eddie Lampkin-sized reptile would haunt my nightmares for years.

Although the results were close in comparison, the majority of blog voters (30%) chose Softball as their top choice, with Men’s Soccer just behind it. Overall, it seems like Horned Frog fans would appreciate both a Softball team and a Men’s Soccer option.

This was one of the most even questions on the board. Personally, I’d have to give my nod to Verrett in his prime, but the people have spoken.

Blog readers agreed with the Doctson choice a bit more than Twitter voters, as the former Horned Frog receiver finished with 57% of the 248 total votes.

One of the more popular questions of this thread, Horned Frog fans appear to be happy with the idea of Memphis in the Big 12. Obviously after adding four teams recently, I’m sure the conference isn’t looking to make any major moves quite yet. In this day in age of college football though, who knows?

Blog readers again were right on par with the Twitter votes, as 37% of votes went to Memphis, and 23% to Boise State of the 261 total voters.

As the tweet says, the correct answer to this is none of the above, but that option’s no fun. Personally, I know for a fact I would try and fail at all of these athletic feats listed above, but 45.9% of Twitter voters believe they can score a bucket on the 6-foot-7 guard. The results were just about identical in the blog poll.

We had a lot of fun putting together these questions for you all. Stay on the lookout for another “As the fans” article in the near future!