FROGS in driver's seat to win another baseball B12 CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!!!!!!

With apologies to our new FOW staff (whom I'm sure would have eventually gotten around to posting all this info themselves, and are still a bit green in the gills in churning out constant updates on all our FROGS sports).

For those who want to see it for themselves... here's the link to current B12 baseball standings, going into the final week of games:

B12 baseball standings

TCU ......... 16-8 ----- 1-2 vs OU, 2-1 vs OSU, 3-0 vs TT, finished B12 schedule

Tx Tech ... 14-7 ----- 3-0 vs OSU, 0-3 vs TCU, home vs OU this weekend

Ok St ....... 13-8 ----- 0-3 vs TT, 2-1 vs OU, 1-2 vs TCU, at BU this weekend

OU ........... 13-8 ----- 2-1 vs TCU, 1-2 vs OUS, at TT this weekend


UT ............ 11-10

WV ........... 11-10

KSU ......... 8-13

BU ............ 6-15

KU ............ 4-17

So we're down to just 4 teams with a shot at the championship, going into this final weekend. Except, due to the head-to-head records (the 1st tie-break), Ok St is already OUT even if they sweep due to records vs other 3. That leaves TCU, Tx Tech, and OU. Fortunately for leader TCU, OU is playing at Tech. Even more fortunate for purple, either of the other contenders MUST sweep their series to take the title away from TCU. This because we swept TT in their series... so Tech must beat (not tie) our record. Okie Lite, on the other hand, must win all 3 over Tech to tie our overall conference record... which they would then win due to tie-break of winning their series with us.

SO, fellow FROGS, we have all the advantages, because TT vs OSU is a battle of two TOP 10 ranked teams, and it is very unlikely that either will be able to sweep the other. NOT impossible, mind you, but unlikely.

Of course, this is only concerning the regular season B12 Championship. The conference tournament will be May 25-29 at our own local Globe Life Field in Arlington TX. Winning BOTH trophies is a daunting task... not often seen, but either is a probable assurance of getting an NCAA regional playoff invitation... and probably a home field invite advantage. In fact, it may be the only way Fort Worth gets to host, as the national polls have loved both Tech and OSU far more than TCU this season. There's a pretty good chance that the B12 will get 5 teams in the playoffs this year. That's amazing!

In the newest national poll, just out... TCU crept back into the rankings at #24 (after going ranked all season until last week). In comparison, Tech is ranked #5 and OSU #8.

So we're down to just 3 teams (TCU, Tech, OU) that can win the regular season championship. Given how frustrating this season has been to our fans (can anybody on this team pitch?), we're still sitting pretty to get back to post-season play yet again!

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