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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Tourney Time

Tune in to this week’s episode to catch up on all things TCU Sports!

Back again with another episode!

On this week’s installment of the FOW podcast, Anthony and Ryan dive into a variety of TCU sports topics with a focus on the baseball team’s start to their postseason journey.

Aside from talking Frogball, the guys break down how Damion Baugh’s decision to stay at TCU for another season impacts the Frogs as well as how new transfer guard Rondel Walker (Ok. St.) will fit into Dixon’s system.

A bit of a disclaimer before you click play on the episode: We apologize for any slight technological issues throughout this week’s episode. Anthony and I are new to the podcasting game together and are ironing out the details as we go - it’s only up from here!

Be sure to drop a comment with what you guys want to see from us! Want us to talk sports gambling lines? Answer specific questions? Hell, even paint our faces purple for an episode? Just let us know!