The future of ALL college sports is being re-shaped, and fans/students have no voice in it!

Sorry about the DOOMSDAY! rant, but it may well be dead-on accurate.

OK... I've made a special effort to be supportive of the new FOW staff, because they've earned that in spades with their magnificent reporting so far... on literally everything TCU competes in. That's all the more impressive because most of our readers have literally been dozing in silence since basketball ended. So none of us yet knows what the new landscape here is gonna be. Throw in a new football coach (after a bitter war over the last one getting tossed), a whole new NIL minefield of transient players, re-forming our B12 with 4 new members (prefacing the exodus of our 2 biggest foundation schools), and the whole sports world being rocked with massive movement among every conference... and I don't think its presumptive to expect some significant discussion of the many minefields lying ahead of us (and all college sports).

But in this singular respect (however far-reaching and disruptive it may be over all other things), we've heard virtually nothing from anyone at FOW on the core issues/culture ahead. If all they are here for is journalism curriculum credit/experience, so be it and thanks for that. But if they want to be part of the discussion/solutions of our suddenly turbulent sports culture, we need to see more fast about the dizzying tsunami of choices that threatens the future of college sports as we know it. Its no over-statement that NOTHING deserves more coverage analysis/debate than what lies ahead.

To be sure, fans/students will have NO role in deciding what's ahead, nor either with our institutions or even government. Like everything else, this falls to the whims of the super-rich/powerful. Its all about the money, folks. Surely, you aren't surprised? Boosters/ gambling/ TV contracts have driven this bus for years now. They've simply grown too powerful to bother hiding it anymore. Even the token cause of players' rights for NIL is now just another vehicle for power/money.

TV started it... their massive contracts give schools more $$$ than states' legislatures do, so no authority for the common good applies. Billionaire boosters override chancellors. The super-conferences have arrived, changing everything you ever knew about 'sportsmanship'.


So, what now... BIG XII? We were down to 10 > then OU-UT > then added 4 to put us finally back to 12, but no blueblood. This pushed B1G to raid PAC for USC/ UCLA. Most now expect some form of PAC-B12 merger. ACC & American follow as 4th super-conference. Never mind all the old non-G5... little schools don't turn on TVs = don't matter. At least that's what the networks think.


The whole country is arguing over still more schools moving, its the age of the super-conferences. One SI writer imagines B12 could move up to 24 members (4 divisions of 5-6 schools each). Aside from PAC adds, others could come from USF, Memphis, SD St, Boise St, SMU, Tulane... all kinds of ideas. Such a power move would cement the B12 as the #3 conference, even able to offer games in every time zone (which no other conference could); good selling points. Who knows?

Fans are discussing all this and more on many other sites, but oddly nothing from FOW??? I don't wanna rock the boat (we just launched with the new management), but this feeding frenzy could be just the thing to bring our people back together at this blog. Shouldn't even need any invitation for comments/suggestions on this! Whaddya think, Frogs O'War / TCU HORNED FROGS / BIG 12? Get your 2-bits worth in... everyone else is!

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