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TCU Men’s Basketball Conference Schedule Announced

Horned Frogs kick off conference play with a marquee New Year’s Eve matchup

TCU Athletics

The Big 12 announced the men’s basketball conference schedule this morning. One early highlight is the conference opener flex time game at home against Texas Tech on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s take a look at the conference schedule matchups broken down by December/January and February/March:

December & January:

As noted at the top, the Frogs kick off conference play at home against Texas Tech on New Year’s Eve, in a flex time to-be-announced at a later date. The Frogs also get some key, high-profile away matchups early in conference play, taking on Baylor in Waco on January 4 and Texas in Austin on January 11. TCU also travels to Lawrence on January 21 to take on the Jayhawks in a nationally televised affair in Allen Fieldhouse at noon on a Saturday. It’s fairly clear that the gauntlet for this team will be played in early 2023; facing most of the conference blue bloods on the road to kick off the year. Up for discussion is whether it’s preferred to get them on the road first, then at home closer to March.

Also in the month are both matchups against West Virginia (January 18 and 31) and home games against Iowa State (January 7), Kansas State (January 14), and Oklahoma (January 24). Check out the December and January schedule below:

Dec. & Jan. Schedule

Date Opponent TV
Date Opponent TV
December 31, 2022 Texas Tech ESPN2
January 4, 2023 At Baylor ESPN/2/U
January 7, 2023 Iowa State ESPNU
January 11, 2023 At Texas ESPN/2/U
January 14, 2023 Kansas State ESPN/2/U
January 18, 2023 At West Virginia Big 12 Now
January 21, 2023 At Kansas CBS
January 24, 2023 Oklahoma Big 12 Now
January 28, 2023 At Mississippi State TBA
January 31, 2023 West Virginia ESPN/2/U

February & March:

After the Big 12 / SEC matchup against Mississippi State and their home game against West Virginia on the last day of January, the Frogs head into the homestretch of the season by traveling to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State on February 4. Perhaps the silver lining to facing Baylor, Texas, and Kansas all on the road in the month of January is the fact that we get them at home later in the season with Baylor’s trip to TCU coming on February 11, Kansas on February 20, and Texas on March 1. The Frogs will wrap up the regular season in Norman, facing Oklahoma on March 4. The February and March section of the schedule is included below:

Feb. & Mar. Schedule

Date Opponent TV
Date Opponent TV
February 4, 2023 At Oklahoma State Big 12 Now
February 7, 2023 At Kansas State ESPNU
February 11, 2023 Baylor ESPN/2
February 15, 2023 At Iowa State ESPN/2/U
February 18, 2023 Oklahoma Big 12 Now
February 20, 2023 Kansas ESPN
February 25, 2023 At Texas Tech ESPN/2/U
March 1, 2023 Texas ESPN/2/U
March 4, 2023 At Oklahoma Big 12 Now

Television Notes:

As far as game broadcasts, it looks like all but six of the conference games will be televised on the ESPN networks (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU). As previously mentioned, the matchup at Kansas in January will air on CBS, and the remaining five conference games are currently slated to air on ESPN+/Big 12 Now. Full schedule included below; let us know what you think of the conference matchup lineup in the comments.