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Social Media Summary: TCU vs. Iowa State

We recap the latest on Twitter after the Horned Frogs fell to the Cyclones.

Oh boy — could it possibly get any worse.

I guess it can, and it just might, but last weekend’s loss to Iowa State was a dagger to the hearts of TCU fans and TCU burner accounts on X, the app formerly known as Twitter.

Despite the loss, in which the Frogs looked so, very flat in almost every aspect of the game and Chandler Morris was injured, declared out for the remainder of the season, Frog fans on the app don’t seem too down in the dumps.

In previous editions of this column, we’ve shown highlights and talked a bit about the game’s positives. We can’t really do that this week, obviously, but we’ll provide some reactions to this weekend’s loss.

We’ll start with the only highlight reel of the game we’ll include in this week’s column.

With Chandler Morris out for the rest of the season, it’ll be Josh Hoover, from Rockwall, TX, time — he’ll be the man to show if TCU has any semblance of a shot for a bowl game. As Jamie put here, Hoover really didn’t look all-that-bad Saturday. He had a solid command in the pocket, slung it downfield a few times and showed some solid accuracy.

He scored as many points for the offense as Morris, and he did so in less time on the field — I guess there’s some reason for TCU burner accounts to be optimisitic.

Like TCU Carter Boys is here... Davey O’Brien comparison may be just a little too much though.

And, if Hoover does find success in this offense, it’ll be because Coach Sonny Dykes and Co. utilize Emani Bailey to the best of his capabilities. Like SuperFrog’s Burner said, Bailey is on the level of the guys before him (Miller and Demercado), he just had to wait his time.

So, why are we not using him like we used those two backs before him? It seems like a simple enough recipe...

Still, TCU is Backup QBU, as Clint Foster said — there’s hope in Hoover.

Also a sign of potential hope — Parker’s weekly graphic of net success rates shows that for the Frogs’ third straight loss, and all losses so far this season, the Frogs have actually had more “success” than the team’s they’ve lost to.

Don’t quite know what stats are used in the making of this graphic, but we all should trust Parker... still, doesn’t make sense, but it is a sign that Frog fans are justified to have a sliver of hope for a bowl game.

But — a lot of us Frog fans, and a lot of Big 12 fans in general, are just sittin’ at the picnic table waiting for basketball season to start.

And to end it, one, somewhat depressing post, from someone who used to cover Horned Frog football exclusively. I too, Dean, cannot believe it. Neither can a lot of Frog fans.

But, the Hoover hope is real.