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Press Conference Recap: TCU vs. BYU

Head coach Sonny Dykes spoke to the media earlier this week as the Horned Frogs prepare for their showdown against the Cougars.

The TCU Horned Frogs hit another bump in the road during their game versus Iowa State. Aside from losing the game 27-14, quarterback Chandler Morris went down with an MCL sprain and is expected to miss a good chunk of the remainder of the season. Second string quarterback Josh Hoover will now start as QB1.

Hoover filled in during the third quarter versus Iowa State and did not look bad at all. In the third quarter, the Horned Frogs were down 17-7. Once Hoover stepped in, he was able to recognize how the offensive line was able to hold up and made great decisions on whether he needed to scramble out of the pocket or if he had time to sit in to get the ball downfield.

People are skeptical of Hoover’s ability because of how young he is and he has had some shaky moments in previous games. He dropped a first snap and threw an interception in the red zone. Although he is an inexperienced quarterback, he does have the blueprint to be a great one with more reps.

We can’t forget Hoover was sitting behind Max Duggan and Morris last season, being a freshman. It’s an unreasonable expectation for people to think he will be like Duggan off the bench. One thing is certain, despite people’s comments and theories, they need to get used to hearing Hoover’s name in the starting lineup starting Saturday versus BYU.

Sonny Dykes and the team are not startled by the change, matter of fact, Sonny and team are all behind Hoover. This offense hasn’t had much of a spark when it comes to long passes. Most of the passes made by Morris were short. Wide receiver Jaylon Robinson said he is excited to see Hoover take over because he is a “slinger”.

Robinson said he feels like he hasn’t been able to show his speed to his full potential.

“I feel like I haven’t been able to help out like I could have,” said Robinson.

With Hoover at quarterback, this could open more opportunities on the offense, especially down field and allowing Robinson to show his speed.

“I see the ball being thrown down the field more,” said Robinson. “I feel like he is going to take more downfield shots and open the offense up. We can support Josh by trusting him, help him out and run routes. Also standing by him and making sure he is good. If we continue to all be on the same page, it will be good.”

Dykes is also not worried about Hoover stepping in. He said although he is the second-string quarterback, he practices and works like he is the starting quarterback.

“He [Hoover] is very mature and settled,” said Dykes. “He is a very hard worker. First guy in and last guy to leave. When you do that consistently over a two year period and not the starting quarterback I think that shows people a lot about your character and who you are.”

Dykes said they have a lot of confidence in his ability because of the work he puts in.

“I think there is a respect and appreciation for Josh because of the work he does behind the scenes,” said Dykes. “That is what drew us to recruit him because when you got to know him, he was that kind of guy. We knew he would be one of those guys that would get the most out of his talent.”

BYU is coming off their most recent win over Cincinnati 35-27 and are currently 4-1 and 1-1 in the Big 12. The Horned Frogs will be led by Hoover this Saturday against the Cougars at Amon G. Carter Stadium, kickoff is at 2:30pm.