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Frog Thoughts: TCU fans speak after win over BYU

As the unusually warm autumnal sun cast shadows over the Amon G. Carter Stadium last Saturday, the atmosphere among the Horned Frog faithful was electric.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 West Virginia at TCU Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the unusually warm autumnal sun cast shadows over the Amon G. Carter Stadium last Saturday, the atmosphere among the Horned Frog faithful was electric.

The TCU Horned Frogs came head to head with the BYU Cougars in a battle that saw our boys in purple and black emerge with a decisive 44-11 victory.

But — as always, this week’s edition of Frog Thoughts isn’t just about the impressive stats or the well-earned W. It’s about the pulse of the fanbase, the heartbeat of purple that echoed through the stadium and spilled over into the streets of Fort Worth.

Newfound QB1 Josh Hoover, the game’s maestro, orchestrated a passing offense that sang to the tune of 439 yards and four touchdowns, a melody that had fans dancing in the stands.

The palpable excitement was like a current, surging through the crowd as Hoover connected with receivers in a display of aerial prowess.

“I haven’t seen a debut performance like this in ages, for any Frog QB. Hoover’s arm looks like a cannon, and our receivers are finally catching everything thrown their way... This is the TCU Football I’ve been waiting for!” exclaimed a longtime fan, Jerry Scarn.

The collective hope that simmered in the hearts of fans seemed to boil over as the Frogs’ defense locked horns with the Cougars, staunchly protecting the lead that the offense quite easily built.

Throughout the first half, the roar of the crowd was deafening each time the defense thwarted BYU’s attempts to cross into the end zone. (The student section started fizzling-out after halftime).

“It felt like last year, the defense was a wall, and BYU just kept crashing against it,” reflected Sarah Meijer, a TCU alumna.

But amidst the celebratory air, there was a vein of humility and hunger. Fans are ecstatic, yet they know that each game is a step. The Frogs’ previous performances don’t have fans too confident. This, though, was a step towards a potential bowl game that dances on the horizon.

“Today was sweet, but it’s a small climb, right? We’ve got a taste of what this squad can do can Hoover in at QB, and I’m just hoping we can make a bowl game,” said Mike Trillium, a season ticket holder since ’08.

As the night descended upon Fort Worth, the chatter among the fans was optimistic, hopeful. The reflections on social media, as seen on our “Social Media Summary” echoed the sentiments of a fanbase united, a fanbase that believes in the potential of their Frogs under Hoover.

“I can’t wait to see what we’ll do next week against Kansas State. The energy on that field was infectious. That performance was pretty special,” shared Tim Dahl, a recent TCU graduate.

The resounding victory over BYU has not just added a ‘W’ in the column but has ignited a fervor, a belief in a bowl game that now reverberates through the TCU community. As we look towards Kansas State, there’s a newfound sense of anticipation...

Here’s to the climb for a bowl game.