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TCU News: “You can see the playsheet he’s holding with our hand signs on them.”

Horned Frogs used knowledge of Michigan sign-stealing scheme to fool Wolverines

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Sources: TCU knew of Michigan's sign-stealing scheme prior to CFP game, used 'dummy signals' to dupe Wolverines | Yahoo

During TCU’s game against Michigan in last year’s College Football Playoff semifinal, trickery was afoot.

TCU coaches, having gained information on Michigan’s elaborate sign-stealing scheme, changed many of their play-call signals before kickoff. However, head coach Sonny Dykes and the Horned Frogs staff had grander ideas than just changing signals.

They pulled a fast one on the Wolverines.

TCU knew of Michigan's alleged sign-stealing prior to CFP meeting, used 'dummy signals' in game, per reports |

TCU reportedly had knowledge of Michigan's alleged sign-stealing scheme when the two teams met in the 2022 College Football Playoff semifinal, Yahoo Sports reports. According to the report, the Horned Frogs staff used "dummy signals" in the team's stunning 51-45 upset win over the Wolverines after they were tipped off to suspicious activity from the Michigan coaching staff.

McGuire maintains positive outlook for Tech football, Jake Strong |

Needing to win three of the four remaining games to hit the six-win mark required to become bowl eligible, McGuire is squarely focused on the Red Raiders’ upcoming game against Texas Christian University.

“1-0. It’s just like when you’re in any case, there’s no magic. We don’t have a game coming up against TCU that’s gonna make us bowl eligible, like it still counts one,” McGuire said. “So you’ve gotta do that. We gotta worry about us getting better and knowing our opponent is, but us getting better. We’ve not played very good football.”

Pro Frogs

Guenther Inks Deal with Titans | OurSports Central

The Ottawa Titans Baseball Club announced today the signing of utility player Jake Guenther for the upcoming 2024 Frontier League season.

Prior to hitting the professional ranks, Guenther played college baseball at Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, Texas) in 2019. The left-handed hitter slugged .345 with ten home runs and 42 RBI in 58 games for the Horned Frogs.

Grizzlies’ Desmond Bane grows into his leadership role: ‘He’s locked in’ | The Athletic

On two distinct occasions during Wednesday night’s season opener, Memphis Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane found himself needing to amplify his voice to get through to his teammates.


NCAA Bracketology - 2024 March Madness men's field predictions

It may only be secret scrimmages or charity exhibition games, but teams are keeping score now and there are box scores to peruse. That and the release of all schedules allow us to fine-tune the seed list one last time before the ball goes up for real on Nov. 6.


Inside Interview: Kirk Saarloos | Bringing Big League Savvy

As a pitcher you need to know what the hitter is seeing. We talk about body language, we talk about never showing your back to the hitter, about always having your eyes up, and about acting differently than you feel. So when a guy doesn't quite have that, we'll show it. "Hey man, this is what hitters are seeing. They're stepping in the box right now and knowing that you're defeated."

We’ll show them a lot of positive reinforcement as well, because baseball can be super negative. There will be guys that after each week, we'll sit down in our classroom and I'll put a video together of all the pitches that were really, really good. So we’re showing them what success looks like.

If you're in control yourself, then we can be in control of the baseball. If a guy's not in control of himself, I never talk about his performance. It's more about, "Hey, I shouldn't expect you to be having a great performance if you’re not in control of yourself." It’s a daily battle. You can't talk about it one day and then expect it to happen if you don't coach it and talk about it every day.