The Rise and Fall of a Promising Season


As the West Virginia football coaching staff and players prepared for their upcoming clash with new Big 12 team Central Florida on FS1, numerous questions plagued their minds. These inquiries included a fundamental one: how had their promising four-game winning streak, which had instilled confidence and revitalized the once-downtrodden program over the past four years, suddenly transformed into a disheartening two-game losing streak? This enigma was further compounded by the fact that the four-game winning streak, with the exception of a lopsided victory over Duquesne, had been achieved with a lackluster offensive performance, with backup quarterbacks taking the helm in nearly two of those contests. Clearly, the offense needed to undergo significant improvements. In the midst of these perplexing developments, West Virginia found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard, scoring a mere 73 points in those two losses, in stark contrast to their cumulative total of 76 points throughout the year against four Power 5 opponents. nfr rodeo live