TCU Horned Frogs' Path to the 2022 College Football Playoff Semi-Finals


In the 2022 College Football Playoff semi-finals, the TCU Horned Frogs triumphed over the Michigan Wolverines in a thrilling 51-45 showdown, propelling the Big 12 champions to their inaugural national title game appearance in the CFP era.

However, this historic journey might not have been possible without the Ohio State Buckeyes' crucial assistance. According to Yahoo! Sports Reporter Ross Dellenger, the Buckeyes were among the select few teams that reached out to the Horned Frogs to alert them about Michigan's intricate sign-stealing tactics.

Prompted by Ohio State's warning, the Horned Frogs promptly altered their sideline signals, giving them the edge needed to outplay the Wolverines head-to-head.

Subsequently, in the national title game, the Horned Frogs crossed paths with Georgia, who narrowly bested the Buckeyes with a score of 42-41 in their semi-final clash. The Horned Frogs, however, faced a formidable challenge in Los Angeles and suffered a 65-7 defeat. NFR live