TCU Homecoming Weekend


TCU's Homecoming Weekend was an exhilarating blend of concerts, food trucks, and various activities that transformed the campus into a lively and joyful experience for students. The culmination of the week centered around a home football game against BYU, but football has not always been the primary focus of this week. TCU's very first homecoming week was designed with the graduated Frogs residing in the Fort Worth area at its heart. In anticipation of the inaugural homecoming celebrations at TCU, the Dallas Morning News stated, "This will surpass anything of its kind ever undertaken by the university." The concept of establishing a week of tradition for the university has truly become a cornerstone in representing the spirit of the Horned Frogs. As conveyed on the university homepage, visitors are greeted with the message, "TCU is a place of spirited belonging where Horned Frogs have long found a connection through our culture and traditions." NFR 2023 live