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2023-24 Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings: Week 1

Kansas: Still the King of the Big 12

If anything can distract Frog football fans from a, probably, bowl-less postseason, it’s TCU Basketball — and, boy, are we back.

Here we are, into the heart of Big 12 men’s basketball, as we dive into the first power rankings of the 2023-24 season. It’s been just eight days of action, but we’re already starting to see who’s leaping ahead and who’s falling behind in the conference.

With 14 teams! now in the Big 12, there’s plenty to discuss in our initial rundown. While these early standings might be as volatile as a Sonny Dykes coached football team, they give us a glimpse into what the road to Big 12 play might look like when January rolls around.

Sitting at the top are the usual top dogs:

  1. Kansas (2-0)
  2. Baylor (3-0)
  3. Houston (2-0)

Kansas has jumped out front, and it’s not just because of brand name—DaJuan Harris Jr. is dishing out assists like they’re candy, with 15 assists to a mere four field goal attempts. A big test comes this week in the Champion’s Classic against Kentucky.

Baylor isn’t far behind, boasting the week’s most impressive win over Auburn and marching to a 3-0 start. Their new two on the court, JaKobe Walter and Yves Missi, are already showing that they can swim with the big boys in the conference.

Houston, while feasting on some easier prey, has shown they can snap up wins as expected.

Then there’s our very own TCU Horned Frogs, sitting pretty at:

4. TCU (2-0)

We remember the sting of last season’s early slip-up to Northwestern State, so dominating these early games isn’t just for show—it’s crucial to maintain momentum before a grueling Big 12 season.

So far, the Frogs have done just that. Micah Peavy looks like he could be a #1 option; JaKobe Coles’ game has improved tremendously; Trey Tennyson looks like a true shooter. All-in-all, it was an A-grade week for TCU Basketball after easy wins over Southern and Omaha.

(A+ if you include women’s ball).

5. Texas (2-0)

6. Iowa State (3-0)

7. Cincinnati (3-0)

8. BYU (2-0)

Yet, the middle of the pack is crowded, with Texas and Iowa State both unbeaten, and Cincinnati showing some depth concerns but still managing a 3-0 start.

BYU nabbed a solid win against San Diego State, placing them right in the mix.

Within the depths of the conference, we find:

9. Texas Tech (2-0)

10. Oklahoma (2-0)

Oklahoma’s dodged a bullet by not repeating last year’s early mishaps, but questions about their talent pool remain.

Texas Tech has potential, but will they mesh into a winning formula? Pop Isaacs’ performance gives us a hint that they might.

And in the cellar:

11. Kansas State (2-1)

12. UCF (1-1)

13. Oklahoma State (1-1)

14. West Virginia (1-1)

They may have stumbled against USC, but don’t count the Wildcats out—they’re poised to pounce up the rankings as the season progresses. A loss this early doesn’t define you, but it does set you back in the pecking order.

Bringing up the rear, we have UCF leading the last bunch, followed by Oklahoma State, who really shouldn’t have let that game against Abilene Christian slip away.

And West Virginia... well, their loss to Monmouth was a belly flop that lands them at the bottom this week.